Comcast email not working issue?

Why I am facing a Comcast email not working issue?

Comcast email services are one of the most versatile and reliable in the industry, as it offers secure services, instant sending and receiving emails, and advanced capabilities, without any fees. It’s a comprehensive email package for users but still, users face issues like Comcast email not working that can be easily resolved by following a few steps.

We have categorically prepared a list of commonly occurring Comcast email not working problems along with their solutions so that you can understand the reasons behind the problem and can resolve it on your own. 

Comcast Email is not loading

There can be 2 basic reasons behind it- a poor internet connection and an outdated browser.

For checking the internet speed, you should first try to open a random website page online. If it fails to load or loads slowly then it’s definitely a poor internet connection, which is the cause of this problem. For troubleshooting it, you should restart your router and if it doesn’t help then you should check with your internet provider for any local outages.

Secondly, if your internet connection works smoothly then you can proceed by checking your browser, as an outdated browser can result in email loading problems. For troubleshooting, you should update your browser to the latest version and this will resolve this issue. For checking whether your browser is up to date or not, you can do it by clicking Chrome (if you are using Google Chrome) and then proceed to About Google Chrome to see its status. The Windows navigation is the three-dots menu > Settings > About Chrome.

If you are performing an update then you should ensure that you have erased all the cookies and cache later. Next, you should restart your browser and log into your inbox.

Comcast Email is not working in Outlook

While integrating Comcast with Outlook, you might have missed one important step and this may be the reason that Comcast Email is not working in Outlook. This issue might appear if you have not enabled third-party security in your Comcast settings. Without enabling this function, no third-party tools like Outlook will work with Comcast. After enabling this function, you will be able to open your Comcast email in Outlook without facing this issue again.

Hacking of Comcast Email Account

The hacking of your Comcast Email Account can also result in Comcast email not working issue, as cybercriminals might be using it to send emails containing malicious software or even breaking into your bank account. You can confront this problem and can still regain access to your Comcast Email account, by following these steps-

  1. You should first reset your password by visiting and requesting a password change.
  2. Previously, if you have missed this step during IMAP configuration in Outlook, this might be the main cause of your Comcast email not working in Outlook. Luckily, it’s easy to fix.
  3. Now, you have to enable third-party access. In your Comcast Email account, you should navigate to Mail > Security > Third Party Access Security and check the box underneath.
  4. After successfully changing your password, do ensure that you have also changed the security questions and backup email ID. These steps are important to ensure that your Comcast Email is not hacked again.

Comcast Email is not working on Android or iPhone

You can no longer log into your Comcast Email account, using an app because it was suspended in 2021. So, in what ways you can access your Comcast Email Account on your Android or iPhone? 

There are 2 basic ways- you can log in using a mobile browser or use third-party tools such as email clients. In the first option, you are supposed to visit the official Xfinity website via your mobile browser and then perform a login with your Xfinity ID. The main disadvantage of this option is you have to remember your Xfinity ID and log in multiple times every day. The second option is relatively easier and more reliable. You can use a third-party tool and can easily connect Comcast email account. With just a click, you can access them and there is no need to log in every time in accessing your Comcast emails.

Comcast Emails are not working on Mac

There are 2 main reasons behind it- poor Internet connection and Comcast service outages. For checking the fidelity of your internet connection, do follow these steps: –

  1. You should first turn off your router
  2. Now, you should wait for a couple of minutes and then turn on the router
  3. Next, you should visit any website and check whether your internet connection is working again or not. In case, if the page fails to load, after a few minutes of the router being on or you see an error message then you are advised to contact your internet provider for further help.

In case, if all pages work well then you should check whether there have been any Comcast email problems today. It can be done by going to the Xfinity Status Center and then signing into your account to check for any local Comcast outages.

6. You are Encountering a problem with Login

The common reason behind this problem is entering the wrong password again and again. There are 2 basic ways to regain access to your Comcast Email Account. The first is recalling the correct password and the other is resetting the password. For resetting the password, you should visit and then enter your account ID. 

After accurately completing a simple security check and then following the on-screen instructions, your password will be reset. So, now, you will be able to log into your Comcast Email account again.

You are not receiving New Comcast Email Messages

It can happen for a couple of reasons. The first reason is that your emails are landing in a spam folder instead of going to the main inbox.

You should check your spam folder to check whether your Comcast messages are present there or not. In case, if some important messages from reliable contacts have landed up there, then you should mark them as not spam so in the future they land in your inbox again. 

You are supposed to review your filtering options. There might be a possibility that you have added new filtering rules that have caused your messages to be marked as spam.

The other major reason is a blocked address list, a list of people whom you have blocked and don’t want to receive their emails.

If you have mistakenly added a few email addresses from which you expect to receive an email, then deleting them from this list can also help in eliminating the problem.

We have provided sufficient information about the reasons, causes, and fixes relating to the Comcast Email Not Working problems. If you still encounter any problems or issues then you can contact our technical support team.

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