Proven Fixes for Driver Power State Failure on Windows 10 with HP Laptop

The dreaded blue screen of death on hp laptop. The one that renders your laptop completely useless thereby putting a
complete halt on all important projects of yours. Although it sounds like one big of an issue and truth to be told its indication does justify its name as your hp laptop will have nothing but just a blue screen, but when you understand the reason behind this error and how it is caused, fixing it won’t be a problem. Blue screen of death or the BSOD as its commonly known is a frequent occurrence on laptop and computer including hp and usually caused by the Driver Power State Failure. So to get rid of the BSOD you have to understand what driver state power failure is
and how to fix it.
Driver Power State Failure – What is it?
The driver power state failure or controller power state failure as
the name suggest occurs when there is something wrong with the
drivers and the power state of your hp laptop. The issue presents
itself when you let your computer go to sleep mode but it does not
respond to the wakeup call and come back to the normal state
when you try. This creat a conflict that results in your computer’s
operating system responding with a blue screen. Faulty or
outdated display and wifi drivers are the most common culprit, but
other malfunctioning device drivers can cause this error too.
Best Methods to Fix the Driver Power State Failure in hp
As the most common reason for this error is outdated drivers, so
removing the faulty ones and then updating them to their latest
and compatible versions is usually the best way to fix the driver
power state failure in hp laptops. Other than that there some more
tweaks which you can apply that may help. So let’s jump right to
the solutions and correct this error.
Start the windows in the safe mode

As the blue screen does not let the computer boot properly and
without the working state of your pc it’s not possible to apply the
troubleshooting methods, we bypass the error and boot the
windows in safe mode. This will allow us to make changes and
apply the steps that will help us clear the blue screen and bring
back hp laptop to its normal working state. So first thing first, boot
the windows in safe mode.
● Restart your laptop. Due to the error, you will notice that
instead of booting the system is preparing for automatic
● Wait a few seconds, the startup windows repair screen will
appear. If your laptop doesn’t show the startup repair screen
restart it again.
● Once the startup repair window opens, select the advance
option, which will take you to another window.
● Here choose the troubleshoot option and under troubleshoot
again select advance option.
● From the advance option list, select startup settings and then
click on the restart button.
● When the windows boot up again, you will see the startup
settings screen with multiple options.
● Now press the number 4 key on your keyboard, this will
select the Enable Safe Mode option.
● The windows will restart again and this time it will boot in
safe mode.
Uninstall faulty drivers
You are in windows safe mode. Although the functionality of the
windows is limited, you can make the necessary changes that will
troubleshoot the issue.
● On your keyboard press, the windows and R key together to
open the Run dialogue box.
● To open the device manager screen type devmgmt.msc in
the Run box and click on the OK button.
● Look for any device listed with a yellow exclamation mark
against it.

● When you find one, right-click it and then from the menu
choose uninstall.
● This will eliminate the faulty drivers and uninstall them from
the system.
Update the drivers
Once you have removed incompatible and outdated drivers, you
can update them to the latest versions.
● Follow the same method as above to open the device
manager screen.
● Again look for the device with the yellow exclamation mark
and right-click them.
● This time select the update the driver software option from
the menu.
● For each driver, you want to update, select Search
automatically for updated driver software option.
● Restart the hp laptop when the whole process is finished and
hopefully the blue screen will be gone.
Adjust the hp laptop performance settings
As the driver power state failure could be due to power issues,
tweaking the laptop performance settings can also fix the error.
You should apply this method only if the issue persists even after
uninstalling and updating the drivers.
● Boot the windows in safe mode by following the method as
explained above and then open the run dialogue box.
● In the search field type powercfg.cpl and hit the enter button
to open the power settings window.
● Here click on change plan settings and then select change
advance power settings option.
● Double click on PCI Express or Graphic Settings or Link
state Power Management option. Only one of these options
will be displayed.
● A drop-down menu will open, select maximum performance
from the list. You should make this change for both the
plugged and battery option.

● Now double click on the power adapter setting and then to
power saving mode respectively and choose maximum
performance. Click on the apply button to apply these
● These settings will ensure that there will be no power
discrepancies. In simple words, your system will not go to
sleep mode thereby preventing the blue screen.
● Still, it’s not a permanent solution. You should make sure
that all the drivers on your hp laptop are updated to
permanently remove this error.