Hp Deskjet 2621

Hp Deskjet 2621

123.hp.com/setup DJ2621

Setting up a printer is not an easy task for the user because there are many things which needs to taken care of at the time of setting up a printer with their device and if the user is unable to follow even the one of the steps the setup of the printer won’t get completed. This is because there are different models of printers are available for the user to select from and each of the model has different steps to setup with the user’s device. The device of the user also plays a crucial role because there are different operating systems on which user would like to connect their printer with, the operating system like- Windows, MAC, Linux etc. got different steps and requirement to setup a printer. If the user wants to connect their printer on Windows operating system, then they had to follow the different steps and if the user wants to setup their printer on MAC, then the steps are going to be different.

Now if the User has bought the HP Deskjet 2621 printer, which is a very good choice as it provides all the features to the user that to at very reasonable cost, so for the user to use their HP Deskjet 2621 printer they had to setup it with their device. In case user does not aware about the steps which are required to follow in order to connect the HP printer their device then they do not need to worry as we will help the user. For this all the user needs to do is to follow the points which are mentioned below.

Installation of HP Deskjet 2621 printer on Windows using Wireless Connection

  1. Installation Preparation-
  2. For the user to easily install, they need to turn on their printer and after that they need to place it on the setup mode.
  3. If the user’s printer got buttons only then they need to click on cancel and wireless button to turn on the printer.
  4. If the user’s printer got LCD or text display then they need to navigate to the wireless or to the network setting menu and their user needs to select the Restore network settings.
  5. User needs to make sure that their device and their Hp printer are connected on the same network.
  • Printer Software Installation-
  • User needs to open the web browser and then user needs to go on printer setup and then user needs to download the HP easy start.
  • Once the file is downloaded user needs to open it, for extracting the software.
  • Select the continue button as the prompt display this is to make changes into the user’s computer.
  • Select My Printer if the hp 2621 setup wireless is not detected.
  • then user needs to follow the instructions to get the software selection screen and when the screen appears user needs to select the software.

Installation Steps of HP 2621 printer on MAC using the Wireless Network

  1. Preparation of Installation-
  2. if the user wants to use the wireless network, then they must have good internet connection.
  3. The WIFI router and the user’s computer must be turned on.
  4. The printer should have all the necessary things ready like paper in the paper tray, ink in the ink cartridge.
  5. If the user has connected any USB cable, they need to disconnect them.
  6. User has to make sure that their printer is turned on and router and their computer are in range.
  • Restoration of Default Wireless Settings-
  • User at first needs to turn on the printer.
  • Now user needs to check whether the wireless light is blinking or not, now user needs to press the Wireless option.
  • User can continue to install the software.
  • Use the HP auto wireless to complete the connection.
  • Installation of software and Printer driver-
  • User needs to go on the setup page and then they need to click on download button.
  • Then click on the option of Set up my Hp and then click on accept button.
  • On the control panel of their device user needs to check for the light.
  • Select the printer 123.hp.com/setup 2621 and click on continue.
  • Click on Allow
  • Then click on add printer.
HP OfficeJet Pro 9025

HP OfficeJet Pro 9025

This HP OfficeJet Pro 9025 is the best printer in the market for official work. It a very powerful all in one printer that allows you to print, scan and copy the document. A fax facility is also available. It is supported by Windows 10, 8, 8.1, and 7 but windows XP and Vista do not support this printer. The printer specifications are mentioned below:

Printer Specifications

Some specifications that this printer owned are:

  • Colour Printing is available.
  • Black & White Printing is available.
  • It can connect using USB, Host USB, and Ethernet.
  • It comes with HP 962 Cartridge.
  • Wireless Capability: Yes.
  • Colour copy capability: Yes
  • Two-Sided Copy: Yes
  • Two-sided printing: Yes
  • Maximum number of copies: Up to 99
  • Copy resolution: Up to 600 Dpi
  • Mobile Printing: Yes
  • Fax available: Yes, colour
  • Fax Resolution Black: Up to 300 x 300 dpi
  • Fax memory: Up to 100 pages
  • Memory: 512 MB
  • Mobile printing services: Apple AirPrint, Mopria Certified, Wi-Fi Direct Printing, HP Smart
  • Input sheet capacity: Up to 250 sheets
  • Standard input capacity (cards): Up to 50 sheets
  • Standard input capacity (envelopes): Up to 30
  • Standard input capacity (secondary tray): Up to 250 sheets
  • Output capacity: Up to 100 sheets
  • Automatic document feeder capacity: Standard, 35 sheets
  • Maximum dimensions: 437 x 519.8 x 318.3 mm
  • Weight (metric): 12.02 kg
  • Weight (U.S. standard): 26.44 lb
  • Number of cartridges: 4 (1 each black, yellow, cyan, magenta)
  • Ink Technology: HP Thermal Inkjet
  • Duplex printing: Automatic.
  • It also connects easily with Apple AirPrint and Mopria Print Service.

Install the HP Officejet Pro 9025 Printer

Firstly you have to unbox the printer and have a proper connection between the system and the printer. To set up the printer steps are mentioned below:

  • Initially unbox the printer.
  • Remove all the waste products like tapes, foam, and tags and place the printer on the table.
  • Take all the cables and place them on the right path.
  • Turn on the printer and add the cartridges to the right place.
  • Add some papers into the printer tray.
  • Now you have to visit the site of HP and download the driver for the printer.
  • Go for its installation process, by double-clicking on it.
  • Select the best and proper options to install the software properly.
  • Hit OK.
  • Finally, you have to activate the printer.

How to Download the Driver?

To download the Driver for the system steps are mentioned below:

  • Initially, you have to go to the official site.
  • Find the Drivers by just adding the name of the printer.
  • Now you have to download it.
  • After downloading it, you have to install the drivers properly.
  • Now you need to connect the computer and the printer.
  • After successful installation of the printer, one has to restart the workstation.

Connect Printer Wireless

If you want to set a wireless connection between the printer and the system then the steps are mentioned below:

  • Turn on the printer.
  • Now choose the settings using the control panel.
  • Tap on the option Wireless
  • Select a network using the list.
  • At last, the user should print some documents.

Connect Printer using USB

To establish the connection using the USB steps are mentioned below:

  • For a hassle-free connection, place the printer near the device.
  • Have connection using the power cable and data cable.
  • Turn on both the devices i.e. Computer and Printer.
  • This will automatically detect the printer if you already installed the Driver Software.

How to install brother printer setup

How to install brother printer setup

Brother printer is the most amazing printers known for its excellent workforce and efficiency. These days there are many brands of printers but the brother printer is one of the top-most printers. Like the any other printer the brother also can do print, fax, scan & copy but it provides the excellent quality of print-outs to the customers.

You can setup brother printer in two ways:

  • USB Cable Setup
  • Wireless Printer Setup

In both of the setup what is the most important part is that would be the printer driver. First of all that needs to be installed on the device on which you want to setup the printer.

For installing the driver of the printer you have to simply follow the steps one-by-one:

  • First of all, go to the brother official website by typing their website address on the web browser.
  • Then further click on the product model name by going through the search box and then select the same printer model from the list.
  • Select the particular printer in the list and click on the support.
  • That will therefore show you all the list of Brother Printer drivers for windows and mac to download.
  • Select your windows model driver of brother printer and then click on the download button and then it will start downloading the driver.
  • After downloading the brother printer driver run the driver in order to complete the installation process of the printer.
  • Perform all the steps of installation one-by-one as per sequence order.
  • Once done, click on the Finish button to complete the procedure.

The Brother Printer drivers should be always updated so that the printer will always work faster without causing any issue.

For that you can use the brother printer driver update tool

• This tool is to be used with Brother Printer models to automatically update the brother printer software. Download the tool, run it to update the software automatically.
• To get the tool visit the brother printer software download page and start your search.
• Open the tool after download complete, run it properly and the software’s will be updated automatically.
Navigate to our website when you like to know the Brother Printer Software Setup complete guide in detailed.

It is always recommended and mentioned everywhere that before the Installation of any types of printer drivers, the user should remove all the old drivers from their system that had been previously installed.

UPDATING THE BROTHER PRINTER FIRMWARE (through Download and installation of the latest version)

Firmware releases are used for updating new features and for correcting the functionality, hence it is always recommended to make an update of the latest version of firmware which is available for your printer.

1. Open the Internet browser for opening Brother Drivers and Downloads website.

2. Fill in the model number of your printer for getting a concise list of all the drivers specifically for your printer model and then make a click on Search.

3. Then, under the option of the computer Operating system, use the drop-down menu for selecting your system operation system.

4. Locate the file that is listed as new firmware under the option in Download list. If no firmware is display there then move on to the next oldest Operating system of device.

5. The user have to make a note of the file name that is show there as firmware. The user must know it easily after the downloading of that file.

6. Click on the option of Download which is located to the right of the file.

7. The user might needs to save file or the process of the file Download might get started automatically when it prompted.

8. Once the downloading of the file gets completed, the web browser will then prompt the user the option for opening the Downloads folder.

9. The user needs to do a right-click on the file that has been downloaded and then make a click on properties of that file.

10. The user needs to Select or make a click on the tab of COMPATIBILITY.

11. Therefore, the user needs to a click on the option of Change Settings for All Users on the device.

12. The user needs to click on the box which is located next to ‘Run this program in compatibility mode for’.

13. The user needs to choose the Operating system that matches the same Operating system of the downloaded driver by using the drop-down menu list.

14. Then click on Apply and after that click on OK.

15. In the next step click on Ok again.

16. Make a right-click on the brother printer driver file and then make a click on Run as Administrator.

17. Then it will prompt a screen for User Account Control. If it does, make a click on YES for proceeding further for installation and then go on all the following steps one by one that appear on your screen in order to install the firmware.

canon printers setup

HP Deskjet 2652

HP DeskJet 2652 is the All in One Printer which is very compact but powerful also. It is very ideal for any office, small business, and home. Its ink technology is much appreciated and recommendable provides a great job at a low cost. HP develops great technology in the world of printing offering printers from DeskJet to LaserJet. The quality manufactured by HP is very good and efficient.

Printer Specifications

It comes with many featureslike:

  • It can connect using a USB.
  • You can set up a connection via Wi-Fi.
  • It can print using Mobile.
  • It uses HP 65 Black Ink and 65 Tri-Color Cartridge.

How to setup Printer 2652

To set up the printer steps are:

  • Take out the printer and place it on a table.
  • Discard all the unnecessary items like tapes, tags, and foam etc.
  • Connect using its Power Cable.
  • Install the cartridges at their ports.
  • Load the papers.
  • Now visit the site “hp.com/dj2652”.
  • Add your printer page in the search bar.
  • You will get the software downloaded.
  • Click on the file.
  • Install it by using the necessary instructions.
  • Hit OK.
  • Now visit the page hp.com/dj2652 for activating the printer.
  • The Driver’s installation is completed.

Download the Driver for Windows

For Windows steps are:

  • Visit the link “hp.com/dj2652”
  • Now search for Driver for Devices having Windows as an Operating system.
  • Tap on the link available on the page.
  • Download it.
  • Install the Driver and then hit Continue.
  • Now answer the Questionnaire that is appeared for verification.
  • Choose icon Complete.
  • Finally, the installation of the Windows is completed.

Download the Driver for Mac

You have to download the package of the software that is ideal for Mac Systems.

  • Visit the page “hp.com/dj2652”.
  • Now check the available drivers for the printer.
  • Now Download it.
  • Choose the appropriate process to install it.
  • Fill the questionnaire that is pop-ups.
  • After the installation, press “Complete”.
  • At last, try to connect the printer and have printed.

Set up HP DeskJet 2652 without USB or Wireless

After downloading the driver go for installation of the USB printer, steps are below so get set go!

  • Turn on the printer.
  • Choose the option settings using the Control Panel of the respected printer.
  • Choose the option Wi-Fi, select the network from the list.
  • Now after connection, try to take print-outs.

Set up HP DeskJet 2652 with USB

This is the simplest and fastest method to establish the connection, just go for the steps:

  • Place the print near the system.
  • Connect it using the USB Cable.
  • Turn on both devices.
  • You will get a notification of the bottom right of the windows.
  • After the establishment of the connection try to take some prints.