Brother printer setup Mac & Windows

Brother printer setup Mac & Windows

There are several different ways you can connect your brother printer setup mac on your apple machine. You can opt for the USB connection method or the Ethernet connection, or you can even connect your Brother printer through the WIFI network.

Connecting the printer wirelessly gives you the freedom of space as well as the choice to connect it several different devices.

Here in this blog post, we have compiled the complete steps needed for Brother Printer WIFI setup. We have also listed the steps separately for windows as well as for Macintosh platform.

Brother Printer WIFI setup for Windows

Obtain network name and password first

  • Before you attempt to connect your Brother printer to the WIFI network, you first have to obtain the network name and password or the security key.
  • Check your router, most probably the network name and the authentication key will be mentioned on the back or the side of your router.
  • If you can’t find them there, check the documents that came with your router.

When you have the Wireless network settings, you can proceed to connect your Brother printer to a wireless network.

Setup your Brother Printer on a WIFI network.

  • Connect your printer to the power supply and switch it on.
  • On the control panel of the printer, press the menu button.
  • Now use the arrow keys to navigate. Use the up and down keys to go to the network setting and press ok.
  • When the network settings open, navigate to WLAN and select it.
  • Go to the setup wizard and then press ok.
  • You will be asked, WLAN ENABLE? When this appears on the screen, choose YES.
  • The Wireless Setup wizard will start and will search for the available network.
  • When the searching complete the printer will display all the available network.
  • Find the name of your network, which you have noted down earlier and select it.
  • Now you will be asked to enter the authentication key for your wireless network.
  • Enter the network password and then press ok.
  • If you have entered the correct authentication key, then the printer will connect to your WIFI network.
  • When the connection is established, your printer will display CONNECTED.

Connect your Brother printer through WIFI Protected Setup (WPS)

Most of the newer Brother Printer models support the WPS, or WIFI Protected Setup features to connect it to the computer.

  • Before you can connect you printer machine via WPS, you have first to ensure that your router has the WPS button on it.
  • Press and hold the WPS button for up to three seconds to enable the WIFI Protected Setup.
  • Now press the Wireless setup button on your printer. You may find it at the back of the printer.
  • Now the printer will search for the nearby router with WPS enabled.
  • When the printer is connecting to the WIFI network, you will see the toner and drum LED blinking.
  • When you see the green LED starts to blink, this means the printer is connected to your network.

Brother Printer WIFI setup for Mac

Connecting a Brother printer through WIFI on a Mac operating system requires some additional steps to follow.

  • First of all, connect your printer to your Wireless network as we have mentioned above.
  • Now go to page and download the printer drivers for Mac and install them.
  • Now again go to and this time download the Wireless device setup Wizard.
  • When downloaded, don’t try to run it by double-clicking it.
  • While holding the control key, click on the Wireless Device setup Wizard and select show original.
  • Once again hold the control key and click on the Wireless Device setup Wizard and select show package content from the list.
  • Now open the folder named ‘content’ and then click on Mac OS folder and double click on setup Wizard.
  • It will open the Wireless Device setup window.
  • You will be asked if you have a USB cable for installation, select Yes.
  • A notification window will appear prompting you to check and confirm network name and network key.
  • Tick the Checked and confirmed option and click next.
  • Now you will be asked to connect the USB cable.
  • Connect the USB cable to your computer and your printer.
  • The setup wizard will show the list of available network.
  • Choose your network and click on next.
  • Enter the authentication key when asked for and then click next.
  • On the setup wizard, select your printer and click next.
  • Then click on the finish button.
  • This will connect your Brother printer to your Mac system through WIFI.

These are the steps needed for Brother Printer WIFI setup Mac & Windows both. In case you need any further assistant you can call Brother Printer support and ask the support executive to help you out.