How can we troubleshoot Printer Not Printing errors?

What are the genuine reasons and steps taken to get rid of Printer Not Printing errors?

Commonly speaking, after executing the print command, many users get frustrated when they don’t get the appropriate results of their expectations. The problem worsens when the printer’s overall performance comes to a halt. In these challenging situations, many users go for Google Search to get the most optimum solution to resolve these technical issues. Sometimes, users get the finest solutions to their problems, as they type the precise details about the technical issue they are facing. There are many technical queries related to the printer’s high-resolution definition printing and malfunctioning printers. As a responsible consumer, you should know the reasons behind the Printer Not Printing issue and fixes to resolve it.

We will discuss the things to do when your printer has stopped yielding black printing.

Steps to be taken when your Printing is not Printing properly

Basic requirements to start

  1. Basically speaking, the first major step is to switch off your printer and then unplug the cord and cable.
  2. Next, you are supposed to disconnect the USB cable. After a few hours, you should reconnect your printer and plug it back as quickly.
  3. Now, you should turn on your printer. It can be considered the main option to escape from the option of Printer Not Printing issue.
  4. Thereafter, you should search the option the Quality diagnostic report and then go to print a testing page. Consequently, it will be showing the option Manage your Device. This device comprises a wide range of functions. You can also manage the setting for that function.
  5. The users can find several options and then come to print a test page.
  6. On the printer’s display screen, the user will find the appropriate option for checking whether the page is available or not.
  7. Thereafter, they can check the printer guide sequentially.
  8. You are advised to check the printer ink level and then double its ink volume in your ink cartridge. If you are not using the ink cartridges then you don’t need to show ink levels in the ink cartridges.

Properly Checking the ink cartridges:

  1. You are supposed to change the ink cartridge if there is a lack of ink volume. You should also change the ink cartridge if the link volume is completely empty.
  2. You should ensure whether your ink cartridges are snapped in the right position or not. You should also check whether it is placed in a suitable slot or not.
  3. You should ensure whether you have removed the tape over the vent or not.


Whenever your printer is not working perfectly then there is an appropriate reason behind it. It implies that it demands the recommended repairing and fixing in it. If you face any issue related to Printer Not Printing errors then you can contact our technical support team for technical help and assistance.