HP printer in error state

What are the effective steps to get rid of the error message HP printer in error state?

If you receive an error message HP printer in error state then there can be some kind of issue or malfunctioning with your HP printer.Whether you are workingon a Mac or Windows OS, this error indicates that your HP printer is not in active mode or is suffering from any type of connectivity issue. The other major causes of this issue can be low ink and paper jamming problems. For fixing this problem, you are supposed to turn on your HP printer and then connect it to your PC by Wi-Fi or cable. If this error message still persists then you should seek an expert’s advice.

In the below-mentioned points, we have detailed simple steps to be followed to get optimum solutions for the perfect working of HP printers.

Effective Troubleshooting for HP Printer in Error State Problem

We are listing out effective troubleshooting steps for HP Printer in Error State Problem.

Properly Checking the Printer’s Connection

  1. Firstly, you should ensure that all the connections to your printer are properly connected.
  2. Now, you should check whether the connection between your computer and printer is perfect or not.
  3. In case, if the connections are improperly established then you should fix it and then run a test print job.

Restarting Your Device

In many cases, it has been observed that restarting the different devices can help in resolving the HP printer in error state issue. So, you are advised to power off your PC and then your HP printer completely. For a few minutes, you should leave them and turn them back to find out whether the issue has been resolved or not.

Check the state of your HP Printer- Online or Offline

  1. Firstly, you should click on the Start button and then select Control Panel
  2. Now, you should choose the Devices and Printers option
  3. Next, you should check whether your HP printer is offline or online. If it is in the online state then the status will show as Ready
  4. If it is in the offline state then this can be the reason for the HP printer in error state issue.
  5. Thereafter, you should set your HP printer online by right-clicking on Printer, and then you should choose the option Use Printer Online.
  6. Finally, it will change the display to ready.

You should ensure that the Paper Is Loaded

  1. Firstly, you should properly check whether the paper is loaded on the printer tray or not
  2. Prior to this step, you are supposed to assure that your HP printer is turned off
  3. Next, you should turn on your HP printer and then wait for a few minutes until your printer is in the ready state
  4. Finally, you should check whether this error persists or not.

Updating HP Printer driver

You are advised to check the proper functioning of the HP printer driver as it is responsible for sending print instructions to the printer. For flawless and hassle-free printing, the updated HP printer driver is highly recommended. If you are still working on an outdated HP printer driver then you should upgrade it or else it will show an error message while printing documents. So, you are advised to install an updated printer driver on your computer or laptop. The successful installation of this software will enable you to install the printer drivers among the latest version. The effective steps followed will help you in rectifying the HP Printer In Error State issue that has halted all your printing tasks and stopped your HP printer to perform perfectly. In the wide and extensive world of the internet, there are countless viruses and cyber threats. In the deceiving and developing world of unpredictable viruses, your HP printer driver software cannot work properly and might show an HP Printer in Error State. For resolving this technical problem, you should click on the run button to scan every part effortlessly.

After applying and executing these effective steps, HP users can easily detect the problem and can resolve it. You should be optimistic as error removal provide assurance of resolving the technical issue.


We have successfully provided you with all the relevant information related to the HP printer in error state issue. If you are still stuck with any problem or issue related to this technical error then you can freely contact our technical support team for help.