HP printer WPS pin?

Is it possible to set up an HP printer WPS pin?

If there is any type of malfunctioning or error in different components of your HP printer then it will not give you good results. The printout occurrence in HP printers cannot initiate if the computer and other printers irrespective of their design are attached to each other. It is not obligatory that users have to install the HP Printer Offline software suites in their HP printer to recognize its basic functioning. The flawless working can also be initiated as users install HP printers. Every time users try to add the HP printer to the second computer via a wireless network mode, it prompts them with the message Printer WPS pin. If you are a new user then you don’t know where to find this code for feeding the complete details. Similarly, you are not aware of its exact location.

Now, you will be interested in the question- How to set up an HP printer WPS pin?  The answer to this question will help us in resuming printing without any type of interruption.

 The complete process for connecting HP printer with WPS pin

In the below-mentioned steps, we will list out the complete process for connecting the HP printer with the WPS pin.

  1. 1.   Firstly, you are supposed to move to the Control Panel and then go on to the wireless button. Now, you are supposed to go to the setting button.
  2. Now, you should follow the Wi-Fi-protected setup and then go on the on-screen prompts.
  3. For better outcomes, you should prompt on the pin. You should tap on it. As soon as you complete this step, you are supposed to go on the WPS pin on the display screen.
  4. Now, you should go on the configuration and software utility. It will help you to reach the wireless access point.
  5. Thereafter, you can enter the WPS pin.
  6. After the completion of the HP setup, you can install the printer network driver to click on the HP printer folder.
  7. Now, you should go on programs and printer setup.
  8. Finally, you can choose printer setup.


After meticulously following the above-mentioned guidelines to find the WPS network, you must be assured that Printer Offline Windows 10 cannot take place in your system. If you still face any problems related to this issue then you can contact our technical support team.