How to install LexMark printer setup

LexMark printer is the most amazing printer known for its excellent workforce and efficiency. These days there are many brands of printers but the LexMark printer is one of the top-most printers. Like any other printer the LexMark also can do print, fax, scan & copy but it provides the excellent quality of print-outs to the customers.

You can setup LexMark printer in two ways:

·       USB Cable Setup

·       Wireless Printer Setup

In both of the setup what is the most important part is that would be the printer driver. First of all that needs to be installed on the device on which you want to setup the printer.

For installing the driver of the printer you have to simply follow the steps one-by-one:

·         First of all, go to the LexMark official website by typing their website address on the web browser.

·         Then further click on the product model name by going through the search box and then select the same printer model from the list.

·         Select the particular printer in the list and click on the support.

·         That will therefore show you all the list of LexMark Printer drivers for windows and mac to download.

·         Select your windows model driver of the LexMark printer and then click on the download button and then it will start downloading the driver.

·         After downloading the LexMark printer driver run the driver in order to complete the installation process of the printer.

·         Perform all the steps of installation one-by-one as per sequence order.

·         Once done, click on the Finish button to complete the procedure.

The LexMark Printer drivers should be always updated so that the printer will always work faster without causing any issue.

For that you can use the LexMark printer driver update tool

• This tool is to be used with LexMark Printer models to automatically update the LexMark printer software. Download the tool, run it to update the software automatically.

• To get the tool visit the LexMark printer software download page and start your search.

• Open the tool after download completes, run it properly and the software will be updated automatically.

Navigate to our website when you like to know the LexMark Printer Software Setup complete guide in detail.

It is always recommended and mentioned everywhere that before the Installation of any types of printer drivers, the user should remove all the old drivers from their system that had been previously installed.

UPDATING THE LEXMARK PRINTER FIRMWARE (through Download and installation of the latest version)

Firmware releases are used for updating new features and for correcting the functionality, hence it is always recommended to make an update of the latest version of firmware which is available for your printer.

1. Open the Internet browser for opening LexMark Drivers and Downloads website.

2. Fill in the model number of your printer for getting a concise list of all the drivers specifically for your printer model and then make a click on Search.

3. Then, under the option of the computer Operating system, use the drop-down menu for selecting your system operation system.

4. Locate the file that is listed as new firmware under the option in Download list. If no firmware is displayed there then move on to the next oldest Operating system of the device.

5. The user has to make a note of the file name that is shown there as firmware. The user must know it easily after the downloading of that file.

6. Click on the option of Download which is located to the right of the file.

7. The user might need to save a file or the process of the file Download might get started automatically when prompted.

8. Once the downloading of the file gets completed, the web browser will then prompt the user the option for opening the Downloads folder.

9. The user needs to do a right-click on the file that has been downloaded and then make a click on properties of that file.

10. The user needs to Select or make a click on the tab of COMPATIBILITY.

11. Therefore, the user needs to a click on the option of Change Settings for All Users on the device.

12. The user needs to click on the box which is located next to ‘Run this program in compatibility mode for’.

13. The user needs to choose the Operating system that matches the same Operating system of the downloaded driver by using the drop-down menu list.

14. Then click on Apply and after that click on OK.

15. In the next step click on Ok again.

16. Make a right-click on the LexMark printer driver file and then make a click on Run as Administrator.

17. Then it will prompt a screen for User Account Control. If it does, make a click on YES for proceeding further for installation and then go on all the following steps one by one that appear on your screen in order to install the firmware.