Emails are very important in today’s age , we are extremely reliant on their functionality and they are used to share papers, photos, and other material in addition to providing official communications. If you are already a subscriber of Sbcglobal, you may profit from its email account as it provides email service as well. However, sometimes you could see a broken SBCGlobal Email problem. We’ll talk about fixing this problem on computers, iPhones, and Android devices in this blog. Let’s look at it!

Recently, SbcGlobal partnered with AT & T, one of the major IT firms. It was the beginning of all the problems. Following the partnership, Sbc Global users have login issues. As soon as the business stated that customers could sign up through the AT&T site, the issue was quickly resolved.Even after that, users continue to encounter numerous bugs and issues with their SBCGlobal accounts. Therefore, if you’re looking for a solution to the SBCGlobal Email not functioning problem, continue reading to find one. You may also get in touch with our SBCGlobal Support Techs if you need help right away if you’re in a rush.

Why Doesn’t My SBCGlobal Email Work?

Do you currently experience SBCGlobal email issues? The following is a list of possible causes for the att SBCGlobal email not functioning issue. These are what they are:

  • First, a sluggish Internet connection might be the cause.
  • SBCGlobal’s server isn’t working.
  • Using a previous model of the browser.
  • Incorrect browser configurations
  • Incorrectly entering login information.
  • Unsuitable email settings
  • The time and date are set incorrectly.
  • A lack of problematic add-ons
  • Existence of proxy servers.
  • Involvement of the antivirus.
  • An unauthorised party gained access to your SBCGlobal account.

Typical Mistakes Users Make When SBCGlobal.Net Email Doesn’t Work

  • Password for SBCGlobal email not functioning.
  • Attachments in SBCGlobal mail cannot be downloaded.
  • Emails cannot be sent using the SBCGlobal account.
  • Emails from SBCGlobal are loading more slowly.
  • Or your SBCGlobal account is not accessible.

These are some of the typical issues users may run across when SBCGlobal net email isn’t functioning. Let’s look at the measures you may take to resolve this problem now.

Steps To Resolve SBCGlobal Email Problem

The Sbcglobal email not functioning issue may be caused by a number of things, including incorrect email settings, a poor internet connection, or a momentary equipment malfunction. Therefore, you may attempt the following fast methods to repair this issue. Continue with the subsequent steps and keep reading to learn more if the mistake continues.

  • The first thing you should do is see whether the mistake is still there. Sometimes the issue is merely a brief mistake that goes away by itself.
  • If the issue persists, check to see if your internet connection is active and functional. This issue may also be brought on by a sluggish internet connection, which may be fixed by moving to a better WiFi network.
  • The next thing you may do is check your email settings if you are confident there is no internet problem. If you use Sbcglobal email together with a third-party webmail service, follow these instructions. Therefore, make sure your IMAP/SMTP or POP3 settings are accurate, and if not, enter the right values and continue.
  • Whether you’re using a web browser to access SbcGlobal email, consider using a different one and check if the issue still exists. Otherwise, you need to delete the cookies and history from your old browser.
  • You may also try temporarily turning off your firewall or antivirus software to see if it fixes the problem.
  • Verify if Sbcglobal email is supported by your device. Use your email on any other device to check this out.
  • The newest version of your gadget can also be updated. Try upgrading the webmail programme you are using to access your email account as well.

Most of the time, these methods will resolve your problem, allowing you to access your Sbcglobal email once again. However, if you are unable to fix your issue, get in touch with SbcGlobal Customer Support to get support from trained specialists.

Solutions for SBCGlobal Email Issues on iPhone

You must comprehend the underlying reason of the SbcGlobal Email Not functioning on the iPhone problem in order to fix it. The answer is dependent on a number of variables, such as if you recently configured the SbcGlobal settings and haven’t been able to access the account subsequently. Or maybe you were previously able to access the account from the device but are now unable to. Both the first and second cases need distinct solutions. You may resolve your problem using the procedures below:

  • You should try rebooting your iPhone first. If the problem is just momentary, restarting your computer will fix it, and your account will resume functioning normally. Nevertheless, you may try again if the instructions don’t work.
  • Check and double-check the IMAP, SMTP, and POP3 settings. If they are incorrect, go to the next step.
  • Disconnect your iPhone device from your SbcGlobal account.
  • Reconfigure your SbcGlobal email on your iPhone using the proper server settings this time. Read the following section to learn the proper SbcGlobal server settings.

Quick fixes

  • Go to Settings >> Mail >> Accounts to start.
  • To add the account, choose Add Mail Account from the menu.
  • Enter your name and account details at this time.
  • Enter your login information, including your password and SBCGlobal email address.
  • Add as the incoming mail server under POP.
  • After that, enter your login information once again.

The outgoing mail server should now be added as

Finally, after once again entering your SBCGlobal login information, click the Save button. You may correctly configure your SBCGlobal account on your iPhone by doing this. And the issue with SBCGlobal email not working on iOS is fixed.

Check the IMAP and SMTP settings on SBCGlobal

The procedures listed above will often fix your SbcGlobal email not functioning problem. Your email settings may sometimes be to blame for this issue. Compare it to the right settings shown below to see whether the issue is being caused by incorrect IMAP or SMTP settings.

SBCGlobal IMAP Configuration

  • ought to be selected as the Incoming Mail Server.
  • Sbcglobal (At&T) email’s port number is 993.
  • SSL/TLS must be selected for security.
  • You need to enter your Sbcglobal email address in the Username area.
  • Fill up the Password form with your account password.
  • SBCGlobal SMTP Configuration
  • is the appropriate Outgoing Mail Server configuration for SbcGlobal.
  • The port number has to be 465.
  • There should be SSL/TLS security.

Once again, you must fill out the Username form with your email address and the Password field with your account password.

How Can SBCGlobal Email Be Fixed On Android?

You should do the following actions to repair att SBCGlobal email not functioning on Android:

  • You must restart your device to start with, then see whether the issue is fixed. Additionally, make sure you have a reliable Internet connection. You will not be able to send or receive emails from your SBCGlobal account if your Internet connection is not sluggish.
  • However, you may quickly reset your password if you lose it or forget it with the use of a recovery email or cellphone number.
  • If you believe that an unauthorised individual has accessed your account, you may also reset your SBCGlobal password.
  • If you remove the SBCGlobal app from your Android smartphone and reinstall it, this issue may sometimes be resolved.
  • Make sure your POP/IMAP settings are accurate next. Learn how to configure your SBCGlobal email account’s email settings correctly. It will resemble:

Settings For SMTP And IMAP

  • Your mail server settings should be for both incoming and outgoing mail.
  • The Port number should be set to 465 or 587 for SMTP and 993 for IMAP.
  • IMAP and SMTP settings both need SSL, despite the fact that it is a necessity.

Solutions For Laptop Or Computer SBCGlobal Email Not Working

  • To fix this issue, check the network connectivity. SBCGlobal net email not functioning issues might be caused by inadequate network connection.
  • Verify that you are using a suitable browser to access your SBCGlobal account.
  • Refresh your SBCGlobal account after clearing the cache, cookies, and history from your browser.
  • Disable the plugins so that your SBCGlobal account may be opened without interruption.
  • Turn off the antivirus settings if the issue persists.

There’s no need to panic if you believe you entered the incorrect settings. Simply erase the account from your device and set it up properly again. If the SBCGlobal email not functioning problem persists, get in touch with SBCGlobal Support right at once.

How can we resolve Yahoo Mail Not Working issue

How can we resolve Yahoo Mail Not Working issue?

Yahoo is one of the leading and reliable email service providers worldwide but still, its users face the issue of Yahoo Mail Not Working. Due to a technical error, Yahoo does not allow them to send emails or messages to recipients, and this can be a frustrating experience for them. There can be several possible factors for Yahoo Mail Not Working.

Main Reasons behind the Yahoo Mail Not Working issue

In the below-mentioned points, we will discuss the main reasons behind the Yahoo Mail Not Working issue.

  1. There might be a possibility that Yahoo’s website is under construction
  2. You might have entered the wrong Yahoo login credentials.
  3. The server might be down
  4. The attachments sent by the users might be large
  5. Your password required to be reset
  6. You are using an older version of the browser
  7. Unwanted files stored in the browser history
  8. Any type of malware or virus threats
  9. Presence of third-party extensions and add-in Yahoo Mail

 Possible Symptoms

  1. Firstly, users are not able to send or receive emails
  2. There might be any type of sign-in issues
  3. Some emails might be missing
  4. Lethargic or inefficient performance of the system

Effective Troubleshooting Methods for Yahoo Mail Not Working Issue

In the below-mentioned points, we are discussing the effective Troubleshooting Methods for Yahoo Mail Not Working Issue.

Method 1- Using the Latest version of the Supported browser

You are recommended to update your operating system and browser and then try to access your Yahoo email account. If you still face the Yahoo Mail Not Working Issue then you should move ahead with the next method.

Method 2- Clearing your Browser’s Cache and History

If you are using any web browser on your system, the information on the visited websites is automatically saved in its cache and cookies. Therefore, the proper clearing of the saved cookies and removing the unwanted stored files from your browser will resolve Yahoo Mail Not Working issue. Accordingly, you should clear your browser’s cache and history and then use Yahoo Mail. If the problem persists then you are advised to move ahead with the next method.

Method 3- Removing Browser Extensions and Add-Ons

Sometimes, it has been observed that third-party browser enhancements can cause Yahoo Mail Not Working error problems. So, you are supposed to disable or remove extensions for your browser. In addition, you can check your browser’s support website for information regarding removing or disabling extensions.

Method 4- Login Yahoo Mail with an Accurate User ID and Password

If you have entered the wrong user id or password, then you can also encounter Yahoo Mail Not Working problem. Therefore, whenever you sign in to your Yahoo account, you should ensure that you type the accurate username or email address as well as the password. Once it is confirmed that the login credentials are accurately typed by you, then your Yahoo mail will start working perfectly without any interruption. If it doesn’t then you are advised to move ahead with the next method.

Method 5- Trying to reset or change Yahoo Password

Your Yahoo password gives you direct access to Yahoo services. Therefore, if you have forgotten your Yahoo password or have any doubts regarding your account, then you should immediately change your password to make the account safe or reset your forgotten password. It is also advisable to update your password frequently.

 Effective Steps to Reset Your Forgotten Yahoo Password

Yahoo users can frequently get back to their Yahoo account by simply entering one of the account recovery items listed on the “Sign-in Helper” page. For recovering the Yahoo Mail account swiftly and smoothly, the users are advised to provide their phone number or email address and then follow up on the on-screen guided lines.

Changing Your Yahoo Password

  1. Firstly, you are supposed to open the Yahoo mail login page on your browser
  2. Now, you should enter your username, email, or mobile and then tap Next.
  3. Next, you should go to the account security page and then click the Change Password tab.
  4. Finally, you should click the Continue button and then follow up the on-screen prompted directions.

Yahoo users are highly advised to create a strong password for their Yahoo Mail. By creating a strong password, you will be making your information safer. If this method fails to resolve Yahoo Mail Not Working Issue then you should try the next method.

Method 6- Sign-In or Out of Yahoo

Yahoo users can easily access multiple Yahoo services like Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Sports, and more by signing in and out of their accounts from a desktop or mobile device. If they have created an account with a non-Yahoo email or one that ends with email or rocket mail, then they are advised to enter the full email address to sign in. It should resolve their problem and if it doesn’t then they should follow the next method.

Method 7- Checking for the Correct Server Address

The incorrect server address in your mail settings can lead to Yahoo Mail Not Working problems.

Therefore, you are advised to enter the following: –

  1. POP3 incoming mail server: (port 995 and SSL is required).
  2. IMAP incoming mail server: (port 993 and SSL are required).
  3. SMTP outgoing mail server: (port 465or 587 SSL is required).
  4. NEWS server:

Method 8- Establishing a Fresh Internet Connection

The swift speed of internet connection on computer systems can provide us with smooth and error-free access to Yahoo mail accounts. If the internet connection speed is slow or having any connectivity issues then you can face Yahoo Mail Not Working problems. If you want to get rid of it then you are highly advisable to establish a fresh internet connection on your PC.


We have provided you with all important details related to Yahoo Mail Not Working Problems. If you still require any extra support or assistance then you can contact our technical support team for the best solutions.

CenturyLink Email Issues?

What are the main causes and effective ways to troubleshoot CenturyLink Email Issues?

The CenturyLink Internet-based Email service provider is one of the leading and renowned communication providers to global internet users. It is garnering popularity day by day as it offers its users additional protection from unpredictable and unexpected junk and spam mail. The problem related to CenturyLink Email Issues can be a very frustrating experience. Its user can encounter any problem related to it such as freezing of account, frequent login trouble, configuration settings mishap, and more.

If you are one of the users who are consistently and frequently facing problems related to CenturyLink Email Issues then it’s time to understand the reasons behind it and implement effective troubleshootingmethods to fix it. 

Main Reasons behind Constant CenturyLink Email Issues

There can be several issues behind this error, some are simple while some are complicated. Therefore, some of them can be easily fixed while some require technical expertise and patience.

In the below-mentioned steps, we will now discuss the main reasons behind constant CenturyLink Email Issues.

  1. To begin with, CenturyLink Email provides its users an email Size Limit of 20 MB otherwise total storage of 15 GB. If the storage gets exhausted, then users start encountering email-related problems. Other limits are –
  2. Sending Limit to Contacts up to 100 Contacts at the same time.
  3. Webmail Send Limit of up to 100 / hour.
  4. SMTP Send Limit of up to 500 / hour.
  5. IP-Basedsed Send Limit of up to 50 / 5 Minutes.
  6. CenturyLink Email users can easily track the messages sent by using the conversation filter. They can also create different folders and subfolders to organize the mail inbox. In addition, they can also directly route similar messages in the designated folder. If a wrong alignment of these filters is done, then the email will malfunction.
  7. CenturyLink Email users can also configure the system settings through their own efforts. In many cases, the wrong configuration settings are one of the major reasons behind the CenturyLink Email Issues.
  8. There might be a probability that CenturyLink Email users might be inputting incorrect login credentials at the time of logging into their account.
  9. There might be a probability that CenturyLink Email Account’s server might have crashed or is down for the time being.
  10. The antivirus installed in the system might be creating a firewall and this may create trouble in logging in to CenturyLink Email Account.
  11. The poor or slow internet speed or consistently interrupted internet speed.
  12. The usage of outdated CenturyLink Email Software
  13.  Web Browser used by users for using the CenturyLink Email Service is fully occupied with cache and cookies.

Effective Methods to Resolve CenturyLink.Net Email Issues

The users can adopt and implement several methods to resolve CenturyLink Email issues.

Let’s discuss them one by one in the below-mentioned steps: –

CenturyLink.Net Email Configuration Settings

CenturyLink Email users should check whether the CenturyLink Email Configuration Settings for both the Incoming Mail Server and the Outgoing Mail Server are correct or not.

They should update them as per the below inputs –

Incoming Mail Server Settings —

  1. Username
  2. Password
  3. Server –
  4. PORT – 993
  5. Security – SSL / TLS

Outgoing Mail Server Settings —

  1. Username
  2. Password
  3. Server –
  4. PORT – 587 / 465
  5. Security – SSL / TLS
  • Filling the Recycle Bin with undesirable Emails Issues

The simplest and safest method to fix your CenturyLink Email Account is by erasing the necessary spam and junk mail. In addition, you should move them to the recycle bin or trash of your email account and then again erase them from there as well. Spam and junk emails can be troublesome affairs and can be an extra load over the total storage of your email account. A similar method should be adopted to keep only the essential emails.

  • Resetting Account Password and other important login credentials

The other major reason behind the CenturyLink Email Issues can be the issue with the user’s login account login password. You are advised to change your password and then re-login your account. For simple navigation, you should write the password on a blank worksheet of WordPad or MS Word File. You can also copy the same using CTRL + C and then paste it using CTRL + V on the designated password column in the login window of CenturyLink.Net Email Account. The users should always follow the important points relating to the safety of their account password and should not share it with anyone.

Effective Steps to Reset CenturyLink Webmail Password

  1. Firstly, you should visit the official website of CenturyLink and then enter your login credentials in the correct way.
  2. Now, from the drop-down menu, you should choose Change or Reset CenturyLink Webmail password
  3. Nevertheless, this time you have to input the previous password in the Current Password field.
  4. Next, you are supposed to input a new or unique password in the New Password field.
  5. After it is accomplished, you should click on the Save button to successfully complete the reset password process.
  6. Finally, it completes the reset of your CenturyLink Webmail password.

4. Updating or Re-Installing the CenturyLink Email Software / Application

From time to time, the users are advised to download timely updates and new versions regarding their email software and applications, provided by the CenturyLink Email Service. To avoid any email-related breakage, it should be properly downloaded and installed on the system. You are recommended to download the updates from trusted and authentic sources only. Thus, the users should be very careful and attentive while installing them.

Effective Methods to Add or Remove Email Accounts

In the below-mentioned steps, we are providing you with the steps if you want to add CenturyLink.Net email accounts.

  1. To Add CenturyLink.Net Email Accounts
  2. To begin with, you should visit the homepage of CenturyLink.
  3. Now, under the My CenturyLink menu, you should click on the User Settings option.
  4. Next, you should hit the Add button in order to add the New User section.
  5. Thereafter, you should fill in the New User form by entering all the information. 
  6. After accurately filling out the form, you can store the information by clicking on the Add User button.
  7. Now, you should click on the Add CenturyLink Email Account option.
  8. Finally, you should type your new login credentials (Username & Password) and save them on your system.
  9. 2.     To Remove CenturyLink.Net Webmail Accounts
  10. Firstly, you should open the CenturyLink Webmail homepage.
  11. Now, you should select the User Settings option from the My CenturyLink menu.
  12. You are also supposed to search for the email account you want to remove or delete from the Manage Users section.
  13. Now, you should go to the bottom of the email account and then click on the Remove User button.
  14. Subsequently, a pop-up window will appear asking if you want to remove the user.
  15. You are advised to click OK to confirm the deletion.
  16. In case, if you do not want to remove the user then you should click on the Cancel option.

Conclusion In this article blog, we have offered all the sufficient information related to CenturyLink Email Issues. If you are looking for expert and professional expertise to solve any problem related to CenturyLink Email then you can contact our technical support team

How can we resolve the AOL email mail not working issue?

How can we resolve the AOL email mail not working issue?

In the vast technical world of email service providers, AOL has made its indomitable mark, as it has been offering email services with powerful functionalities. Like any successful and prominent email service provider (Gmail, Hotmail, etc.), AOL is also susceptible to errors and issues and its users often face the technical glitches of AOL email mail not working problem.

We will now discuss its causes and fixes that can be implemented on your Android, iPhone, and iPad devices.

Major Reasons for AOL Email Not Working

This issue can arise due to many factors and it’s important to understand the various causes that can have a negative impact on the functioning of your AOL Email Account.

Some of the probable causes are below-listed: –

  1. Poor Internet Connectivity- The slow or unstable internet connection is an important reason for users being unable to use their AOL email account.
  2. Forgotten or lost AOL password- If you have forgotten your AOL password then you might experience a problem signing in to your AOL account. Now, you should reset your password to fix this problem.
  3. Server Downtime- AOL Server Outage or Downtime can be a significant cause for AOL email not working.
  4. Issues related to browser- The incompatible browser can lead to AOL technical email problems.
  5. Issues related to third-party email client settings- The faulty server configuration can also be a major cause of AOL email not working on MS Outlook, Gmail, and similar third-party email clients.

General Troubleshooting Tips to Diagnose AOL Email Not Working issue

If users are not able to use AOL email on their iPhone, Android, or web browser then they should check for a couple of things before beginning the troubleshooting processes. Sometime, you don’t need to implement various procedures if there is an issue with the below-listed things.

  1. You should make sure that your device is properly linked to the network
  2. You should exit your browser and then start it again
  3. You should clear all the browser cookies and cache.
  4. You should turn on the browser’s location services.
  5. You should start your smartphone again
  6. You should uninstall your browser and install it again
  7. You should update your device’s operating system version.

Troubleshooting AOL Email Not Working Issue on Android, iPhone, iPad, And Mac

There are a few detailed troubleshooting techniques that should be followed properly for different devices.

  1. Resolving AOL Email mail not working on Android Devices

You should follow the below-mentioned steps to resolve this issue on your Android devices.

  1. To begin with, you should first open AOL mail on your Android devices
  2. Now, you should accurately input your login credentials
  3. Next, you should open the Outgoing and Incoming mail server settings
  4. Thereafter, you should choose the option of ‘Manual Setup’.
  5. Finally, you should tap the ‘IMAP account settings’ option and input the following information.
  6. is the ‘AOL Mail IMAP server address
  7. Now, you should input your entire AOL email address in the field of ‘AOL Mail IMAP Username’.
  8. Next, you should input your AOL mail password in the field of ‘AOL Mail IMAP password’.
  9. 993 is the ‘AOL Mail IMAP port.’
  10. You should choose Yes for ‘AOL Mail IMAP TLS/SSL required.

Now, you should tap Next and then go to SMTP preferences.

You should enter the following information: –

  1. is the ‘SMTP Outgoing server address.
    1. Now, you should input your entire AOL email id in the field of ‘SMTP Username’.
    1. Next, you should input your AOL mail password in the field of ‘SMTP password’.
    1. 465 is the ‘SMTP port’.
    1. The ‘SMTP Security’ is ‘TLS/SSL’.

You should save this setting and then exit the application.

  • Troubleshooting AOL Email Not Working on iPad

You should follow the below-mentioned steps to resolve this issue on your iPad devices.

  1. You should first navigate to iPad ‘Settings,’ and then move over to the option of Mail, Contacts, Calendars.
  2. Now, you should precisely choose your AOL Email Account and check whether you have typed the correct email address or not.
  3. Next, you should check if you can locate in the field of ‘Host Name.’ if you cannot find it, then you should input it again.
  4. Thereafter, you should tap the SMTP option and make sure that is the main server. Also, check whether the server switch is turned on or not.
  5. Finally, you should navigate to the home screen and check whether can properly use the AOL email account or not.
  6. To conclude, by following these steps, you will be able to fix the issue of AOL email not working on your iPad device.
  • Troubleshooting AOL Email Not Working on iPhone

You should follow the below-mentioned steps to resolve this issue on your iPhone devices.

  1. You should first launch the AOL control panel. For launching it, you should swipe up the screen of your device, and then, toggle the airplane icon to switch it on.
  2. Now, you should switch off the airplane mode and check if you can receive emails or not
  3. If not, then you should navigate to the Settings and go to the General option.
  4. Now, you should choose the option of Reset and then go to Reset Network Settings
  5. Thereafter, you should re-launch your AOL mail and see if you are receiving your emails.
  6. If you still observe AOL email not working on your iPhone device, then you should delete the AOL email account from your device. Now, add it again. For it, you should navigate to Settings and then to Passwords and Accounts.
  7. You should now accurately choose the AOL account from the list of accounts and then tap Delete Account
  8. Next, you should navigate back to Settings followed by Passwords and Accounts
  9. You should now choose Add Account
  10. Finally, you should sign in to your AOL email account and check whether you are receiving emails on your iPhone device or not.
  • Troubleshooting AOL Email Not Working on Mac Devices

You should follow the below-mentioned steps to resolve this issue by running the Connection Doctor on your Mac devices.

  1. You should first tap the Mail icon via the ‘Applications’ menu.
  2. Now, you should choose the Windows option
  3. From the menu, you should choose Connection Doctor
  4. If you observe a warning in red colour then it means that you aren’t linked to the internet.
  5. Next, you should navigate to the Accounts menu if you aren’t receiving the emails.
  6. Now, you should go over to the Advanced tab and then untick the box near the menu of Use SSL
  7. Thereafter, you should check your user account information and mail server settings. You should modify them if required.
  8. Now, you should tap the Inbox section and then locate it under the option of ‘Setup AOL account.’ It will automatically refresh the mailbox
  9. Finally, you should start your Mac device again and check if the AOL mail problem is resolved or not.
  10. To conclude, after implementing these steps, if the issue remains unresolved then you should uninstall and reinstall the AOL mail app.


We have discussed and detailed each and every reason, cause, and fix related to AOL email mail not working for different devices. If you still encounter any problems then feel free to contact our technical support team.

Comcast email not working issue?

Why I am facing a Comcast email not working issue?

Comcast email services are one of the most versatile and reliable in the industry, as it offers secure services, instant sending and receiving emails, and advanced capabilities, without any fees. It’s a comprehensive email package for users but still, users face issues like Comcast email not working that can be easily resolved by following a few steps.

We have categorically prepared a list of commonly occurring Comcast email not working problems along with their solutions so that you can understand the reasons behind the problem and can resolve it on your own. 

Comcast Email is not loading

There can be 2 basic reasons behind it- a poor internet connection and an outdated browser.

For checking the internet speed, you should first try to open a random website page online. If it fails to load or loads slowly then it’s definitely a poor internet connection, which is the cause of this problem. For troubleshooting it, you should restart your router and if it doesn’t help then you should check with your internet provider for any local outages.

Secondly, if your internet connection works smoothly then you can proceed by checking your browser, as an outdated browser can result in email loading problems. For troubleshooting, you should update your browser to the latest version and this will resolve this issue. For checking whether your browser is up to date or not, you can do it by clicking Chrome (if you are using Google Chrome) and then proceed to About Google Chrome to see its status. The Windows navigation is the three-dots menu > Settings > About Chrome.

If you are performing an update then you should ensure that you have erased all the cookies and cache later. Next, you should restart your browser and log into your inbox.

Comcast Email is not working in Outlook

While integrating Comcast with Outlook, you might have missed one important step and this may be the reason that Comcast Email is not working in Outlook. This issue might appear if you have not enabled third-party security in your Comcast settings. Without enabling this function, no third-party tools like Outlook will work with Comcast. After enabling this function, you will be able to open your Comcast email in Outlook without facing this issue again.

Hacking of Comcast Email Account

The hacking of your Comcast Email Account can also result in Comcast email not working issue, as cybercriminals might be using it to send emails containing malicious software or even breaking into your bank account. You can confront this problem and can still regain access to your Comcast Email account, by following these steps-

  1. You should first reset your password by visiting and requesting a password change.
  2. Previously, if you have missed this step during IMAP configuration in Outlook, this might be the main cause of your Comcast email not working in Outlook. Luckily, it’s easy to fix.
  3. Now, you have to enable third-party access. In your Comcast Email account, you should navigate to Mail > Security > Third Party Access Security and check the box underneath.
  4. After successfully changing your password, do ensure that you have also changed the security questions and backup email ID. These steps are important to ensure that your Comcast Email is not hacked again.

Comcast Email is not working on Android or iPhone

You can no longer log into your Comcast Email account, using an app because it was suspended in 2021. So, in what ways you can access your Comcast Email Account on your Android or iPhone? 

There are 2 basic ways- you can log in using a mobile browser or use third-party tools such as email clients. In the first option, you are supposed to visit the official Xfinity website via your mobile browser and then perform a login with your Xfinity ID. The main disadvantage of this option is you have to remember your Xfinity ID and log in multiple times every day. The second option is relatively easier and more reliable. You can use a third-party tool and can easily connect Comcast email account. With just a click, you can access them and there is no need to log in every time in accessing your Comcast emails.

Comcast Emails are not working on Mac

There are 2 main reasons behind it- poor Internet connection and Comcast service outages. For checking the fidelity of your internet connection, do follow these steps: –

  1. You should first turn off your router
  2. Now, you should wait for a couple of minutes and then turn on the router
  3. Next, you should visit any website and check whether your internet connection is working again or not. In case, if the page fails to load, after a few minutes of the router being on or you see an error message then you are advised to contact your internet provider for further help.

In case, if all pages work well then you should check whether there have been any Comcast email problems today. It can be done by going to the Xfinity Status Center and then signing into your account to check for any local Comcast outages.

6. You are Encountering a problem with Login

The common reason behind this problem is entering the wrong password again and again. There are 2 basic ways to regain access to your Comcast Email Account. The first is recalling the correct password and the other is resetting the password. For resetting the password, you should visit and then enter your account ID. 

After accurately completing a simple security check and then following the on-screen instructions, your password will be reset. So, now, you will be able to log into your Comcast Email account again.

You are not receiving New Comcast Email Messages

It can happen for a couple of reasons. The first reason is that your emails are landing in a spam folder instead of going to the main inbox.

You should check your spam folder to check whether your Comcast messages are present there or not. In case, if some important messages from reliable contacts have landed up there, then you should mark them as not spam so in the future they land in your inbox again. 

You are supposed to review your filtering options. There might be a possibility that you have added new filtering rules that have caused your messages to be marked as spam.

The other major reason is a blocked address list, a list of people whom you have blocked and don’t want to receive their emails.

If you have mistakenly added a few email addresses from which you expect to receive an email, then deleting them from this list can also help in eliminating the problem.

We have provided sufficient information about the reasons, causes, and fixes relating to the Comcast Email Not Working problems. If you still encounter any problems or issues then you can contact our technical support team.


How can I resolve my ATT email not working issue?

Like many successful email service providers (Gmail, Hotmail, etc), AT&T is a globally very popular email service provider, as it offers a wide range of safe and feature-packed email service features to its users. Despite offering remarkable features, AT&T email services are susceptible to technical glitches and errors, as its users face errors like ATT email not working. While encountering such errors, users are unable to send or receive urgent emails but this error can be fixed. In this article, we will be providing you with effective fixes to resolve this issue.

Major reasons behind the ATT email not working and their solutions  

The users of ATT email faces various kind of errors. The major reasons behind these errors along with their troubleshooting steps are below-listed: –

  1. Not Able to Sign In to your ATT Email Account

Solution- The most common ATT email not working isrelated to ATT login issues. If you are facing login issues, then you should follow the below-mentioned steps: –

  1. Accurately input your username
  2. Now, fill in your password
  3. Next, you should tap ‘Sign In’

After performing these steps, you should make sure that you are inputting the correct details. Now, you should ensure that you are having good internet connection. These steps will help you in login correctly.

  • AT&T Email Account Not Working properly with Outlook

 Solution- In such a situation, when you are facing problems with the AT&T email, you should check whether you have typed in the right outgoing and incoming mail server settings. In case, if your AT&T email account is not working properly with Outlook, then you should use Outlook in Safe Mode. The other way is to type in the right configuration settings.

The accurate mail server settings for both IMAP and POP3 are: –


  1. is the incoming mail server.
  2. is the outgoing mail server.


  1. is the incoming mail server.
  2. is the outgoing mail server.

If any type of antivirus is installed in your system then it can disturb your email account. In such circumstances, you should first try to disable it temporarily and then check whether you are facing this issue or not.

  • Any type of Email Program or Application problems

Solution- In case, if you haven’t upgraded your email security through an email program or app, then you might face problems like ATT email not working. Do follow the below-mentioned steps: –

  1. Firstly, you should check whether you have an uninterrupted connection so that you can get regular updates
  2. Now, you should see that the outbox folder does not have any mail
  3. In case, if you are encountering error codes while working with the email service, then fix them immediately. 
  4. Do make sure that the AT&T server is not down in your place. 
  5. Finally, you should configure the right ATT email settings.
  • AT&T Email is not functioning properly on your iPhone

Solution- On your iPhone, you can easily access the AT&T email services wherever you are. Sometimes, users face the error and so they are advised to follow the below-mentioned steps: –

  1. Firstly, users should check whether their iPhone is connected to a good network
  2. Now, they should remove the AT&T account and re-add it. For doing this, they should follow the below-listed instructions: –
  3. First of all, users should navigate to the section of ‘Settings’ and tap on ‘Mail Contact and Calendar.’
  4. Now, they should click ‘Add Account’ and then click ‘Others.’
  5. After clicking on ‘Add mail account’, they should input the required information.
  6. Next, they should choose ‘IMAP’ and then input the required details for the incoming mail server. 
  7. Thereafter, for the outgoing mail server, you should select ‘SMTP’ and then input the required information.
  8. Finally, you should save all the changes and start your iPhone again.
  • Your AT&T Password is not working

Solution- If your AT&T password is not working then it means that you have either forgotten or somebody has hacked your account. It results in the ATT email not working. Now, you are supposed to reset your ATT email password with the below-mentioned steps: –

  1. You should first navigate to the AT&T login page
  2. Now, you should tap the link ‘Forgot Password.’
  3. Thereafter, you should input your user ID, and last name, and then fill the CAPTCHA. 
  4. Next, you should tap ‘Continue’
  5. Now, you should choose the ‘Security Question’ and then answer it. You can also choose ‘Temporary Password’ and get its code on your mobile number or mail address.
  6. Finally, you should follow the on-screen points to finish the password recovery process.
  • Unable to send or receive Emails

Solution- There are many people who are unable to send emails from their AT&T accounts. If you are facing this problem then make sure that you are not committing the below-mentioned mistakes: –

  1. You should first ensure that you are not exceeding the maximum size limit of email attachments.
  2. You should ensure that you are not typing the wrong email address of your recipient.
  3. Lastly, you should ensure that you have not mistakenly blocked the recipient.

If you are unable to receive emails then you should follow the below-mentioned points: –

  1. You should first try to log in to your account from any other web browser
  2. If you have created any filters for your account then you should delete all those filters.
  3. Now, you should request your sender to send you the email again.
  4. Lastly, you should delete all the cookies and cache on the browser, now sign in again, and you also be given the choice to reset the browser.


We have sincerely provided you with all the probable reasons for the ATT email not working issue along with its fixes. Do implement it step-wise and it will surely deliver good results. If the errors still persist then you can contact our technical support team for help and assistance.  

How to resolve the Sbcglobal email not working issue successfully?

Sbc (Southwestern Bell Company) global email services are one of the world’s most reliable and competent email service provider companies, restricted to a specific region. After the productive merger of AT&T and Yahoo, SBCglobal email service, a prominent American-based company, spread its wings and grew vastly. Today, it is efficiently managed and controlled by AT&T and has a substantial customer base. The successful union of the two technical giants (AT&T and Yahoo) resulted in giving SBC users access to all the features that Yahoo has in its offering.

At times, users generally face the SbcGlobal Email not working error, and so it’s important to understand the reasons behind it and try to troubleshoot them with effective steps. After the successful merger, the Sbc Global users start encountering sign-in issues but the problem was resolved soon after the company announced that they can sign up from the AT& T portal. The users still faced some issues and errors with their SBCGlobal accounts. So, if you are one of those users who are facing the SbcGlobal Email not working error, then you should read this article carefully.

Reasons behind SBCGlobal Email Not Working Error

We are listing out some of the major reasons why you are facing the SBCGlobal Email Not Working error.

The reasons are as follows: –

  1. Firstly, the slow internet speed
  2. Sbcglobal server might be down
  3. You are using an older version of the browser
  4. There can be improper browser settings
  5. You are entering incorrect login credentials.
  6. There might be Inappropriate email settings.
  7. Date and Time settings in your system are incorrect.
  8. There might be the presence of faulty add-ons.
  9. The availability of proxy servers.
  10. There can be intervention from the Anti-virus.
  11. Your SBCGlobal account might be hacked by any unauthorized person.

Common Errors Faced when users face SBCGlobal Email Not Working error

In the below-listed points, we are listing out common errors faced by users when they encounter the SBCGlobal Email Not Working error.

  1. Your SBCGlobal email password is not working.
  2. You cannot download SBCGlobal mail attachments.
  3. You are unable to send emails from SBCGlobal account.
  4. 4.   SBCGlobal emails takes extra time to load.
  5. You are not able to access your SBCGlobal account.

Troubleshooting the SBCGlobal Email Not Working Issue

The SBCGlobal Email Not Working issue can occur because of reasons such as faulty email settings, bad internet connection, any type of temporary device problem, and more.

We are now providing you with quick fixes that will help you in fixing this error satisfactorily. In case, if this error persists then you can continue with the next steps and then keep on reading to know more.

  1. Firstly, you should check whether the SBCGlobal Email Not Working issue exists or not. Many times, this issue can be a temporary error and can resolve on its own.
  2. Now, if this error persists, you should verify the proper working of your internet connection. Usually speaking, the slow internet connection is the main reason behind this problem that can be resolved by switching to a better Wi-Fi connection.
  3. If everything is fine with your internet connection then now you should check your email settings. This step is valid if and only if you are using Sbcglobal email with third-party webmail. Therefore, you are advised to verify that your IMAP/SMTP or POP3 settings are correct and if not then you should enter the correct settings and then proceed further.
  4. For users who are accessing SbcGlobal email from a web browser, they should try switching to another browser and see if the problem still persists or not. If not, then they should erase cookies and history from their previous browser.
  5. The users can also try disabling their Antivirus or firewall temporarily to see if the issue is resolved or not.
  6. The users should ensure that their device supports Sbcglobal email. They can check this out by using their email on any other device.
  7. Finally, users can try updating their device to the latest version. In addition, they should try updating the webmail in which they are accessing the email account.

We hope that you have understood the reasons behind the SBCGlobal Email Not Working issue and effective fixes to resolve it. You can also contact our SBCGlobal Support Tech Support Team to let their certified technicians handle your problem and troubleshoot it immediately with the best solutions.

Yahoo mail support number

Yahoo mail support number

The Yahoo mail support number lets you access the best technical support for all Yahoo mail errors and issues.

Yahoo is a hugely popular brand, especially in the USA, offering email and various services.

The Yahoo started as a dial-up service provider and with the passage of time, diversified itself into providing email services, instant messaging, and web browser services.

Yahoo has created a name for itself in the market, and millions of users trust it’s services.

With such a diverse portfolio of services offered, customer technical support is a must.

Yahoo mail is one of the premium services offered by Yahoo and has a huge user base.

Millions use the Yahoo mail daily and encounter many issues that need technical assistance.

That’s where the Yahoo mail technical support number comes in.

It let the user connect to the technical experts of Yahoo and get help instantly.

The main benefit of Yahoo mail support services is the expertise they.

When a user presents a query to the technical support, they can answer it promptly and offer a solution in no time owing to their technical expertise.

Yahoo features and support

The popularity of Yahoo is due to the countless features that separate it from its competitors.

Here we have listed some of the most distinctive features of Yahoo mail;

  • Enhanced search and filter options, which let users search email, contacts.
  • Availability of folder option to organize and keep essential emails in one place.
  • Wide range of emojis available to insert in the mail.
  • To cap on storage size. Users are free to send as many emails in a day as required without any restriction.
  • Increase storage capacity for inbox and sent mailbox.
  • An email recovery option is also available, which lets the user retrieve accidentally deleted emails.
  • Easy customization process for composing mail.
  • Availability of shortcuts to facilitate and make the email writing, sending, and receiving process more convenient.
  • Attractive themes to enhance the look and user experience of Yahoo mail.
  • Cutting edge security protocol placed for additional security.

Yahoo mail technical glitches

Errors are common While using the Yahoo mail. Some are downright simple to resolve; some require technical expertise to resolve, which most of the users lack.

Troubleshooting these errors can easily become a headache for some.

In such cases, get instant help by calling the Yahoo mail technical support number.

Here are some issues which you can get help for;

  • Users are unable to sign in in their Yahoo accounts.
  • Yahoo account hacked
  • Unable to use Yahoo accounts on mobile devices.
  • Unable to send or receive mail on Yahoo accounts.
  • Unable to set the email account
  • Difficulty in completing the two-step authentication process.
  • Unable to open the mail to read.
  • Unable to download or view the attached files in Yahoo mail.
  • Some emails are missing.
  • Yahoo mail account blocked with no apparent reason.
  • Issues related to organizing Yahoo mail.

Yahoo mail technical support number services

Yahoo support team is capable of handling a wide variety of issues related to Yahoo mail.

  • Technical expertise to solve Yahoo mail related issues.
  • Systematic diagnosis understanding of the issue and providing the optimum solution.
  • Assistance to new users with various features of Yahoo mail
  • Resolving network and connectivity issues.
  • Helping in getting a safe email experience.
  • Helping in setting up the email account.
  • Helping users to import messages.
  • Help in fixing the Yahoo SMTP error.
  • Help with the email login error.
  • Complete assistance for the errors users face with Yahoo mail.

Simple troubleshooting steps for common Yahoo mail issues

While getting help from the Yahoo mail technical number is the easiest way to resolve any Yahoo errors, some problems can be quickly resolved with simple troubleshooting steps;

  • In case of login errors, first, make sure that you have entered the correct username and password.
  • Check for internet connection. No internet connection is the main reason that emails are no getting sent and received.
  • A proper internet connection is also required for Yahoo services to run correctly.
  • Go for a unique username while creating the new Yahoo mail account.
  • An already taken username will prevent you from creating the Yahoo mail account.
  • Change the password of your Yahoo mail account at regular intervals to prevent it from getting hacked.
  • Complete the two-step authentication process to enhance the security of your account and prevent unauthorized access.
  • Sometimes the windows protection firewall restricts the functionality of Yahoo services if possible try to disable the firewall program.

Expert technical help, round the clock availability, and easy access, this is what users can avail through Yahoo mail technical support number.