Dell 1130 Printer

How can we perform and execute Dell 1130 Printer setup?

Dell 1130 Printer is a well-designed monochrome laser printer that prints documents remarkably at a low cost. This laser printer comes up with an easy setup and has a quick installation procedure. Dell 1130 Printer works effectively with all types of computers, laptops, mobile phones, and tablets. The users can easily connect this Dell printer with their device either using a USB cable or using a wireless connection. Before connecting the device with your Dell printer, it’s important to ensure that it is compatible and also meets all the system requirements.

Dell 1130 Printer Setup – Checking Device Compatibility

There are various devices with which Dell 1130 Printer works perfectly. Dell users can proceed further with the printer connection for all these devices if it meets the below-mentioned requirements: –

  1. Windows 8.1
  2. Windows 8
  3. Windows 7
  4. Windows Vista
  5. Windows Server 2003
  6. Windows Server 2000
  7. Windows Server 2008 X86
  8. Windows Server 2008 R2
  9. Windows XP
  10. Mac Operating System – Mac OS v10.12 to v10.15
  11. Android
  12. Linux

Downloading and Installing Printers Driver for Dell 1130 Printer Setup

Dell Printer users can simply download the drivers from the Dell official website and then install them on their system. Thereafter, you should follow up with the connection process to complete the Dell 1130 Printer Setup process.

We are providing you with the steps to download the drivers: –

  1. First of all, you should visit the official website of Dell
  2. Now, check for the drivers and software
  3. Next, you should choose the suitable driver that matches the model number of your printer as Dell 1130.
  4. Thereafter, you should click on the Download button and then wait for it to finish
  5. After the completion of the downloading process, you should hit the link to launch it.
  6. Subsequently, the installer window will open up on the screen
  7. Now, you should agree to the terms and conditions
  8. To conclude, you should go with the flow of instructions, and lastly, finish up the installation process using the Finish button.

It successfully completes the installation process. Dell users can now connect the two devices either using a wired connection or over a WIFI network. The wireless connection method is a more reliable and successful connection. This connection is stable and has lesser chances of failure due to hardware damage and software faults. You can also enjoy printing jobs remotely using this connection.

Connecting Dell 1130 Wirelessly Using a WIFI Connection

If you want to connect the computer with the Dell 1130 printer, you should ensure to connect both devices with the same network. If the devices are not running on the same WIFI network, then there will be no connection between them. In addition, you should check that you have successfully installed the driver and software package to the computer, related to the Dell 1130 printer.

In the below-mentioned points, we are providing you with the connection process for Dell 1130 Printer Setup.

  1. To begin with, you should connect the computer to the network connection.
  2. Now, you should Search for the network name in the WIFI option.
  3. Thereafter, you should enter the password of your network.
  4. Now, you should it the Connect button.
  5. Lastly, you should properly check the Connected status of the network.
  6. Next, you are supposed to connect the printer with the same network connection.
  7. Now, you should hold and press the WIFI button of the printer.
  8. Next, you should enter the SSID name and password.
  9. Thereafter, you should click on the OK button to make a successful connection.
  10. You should now check for the Printer’s WIFI LED light for a successful connection.
  11. Next, you are supposed to connect both the devices, the computer, and the Dell 1130 Printer.
  12. Now, you should follow the below-mentioned steps: –
  13. First of all, you should open the Control Panel on your computer
  14. Next, you should go to the Devices and Printers and then click on it
  15. Thereafter, you should choose the name of the printer and click on the Connect button.
  16. Finally, you should close all the open windows
  17. You should check for the successful connection

It sums up the successful connection process for Dell 1130 Printer Setup. Dell users can test the connection by printing a test page. If you find any error message then you are supposed to follow up with effective troubleshooting methods to resolve the problem.

Troubleshooting and Resolving the Dell Printer Connection Failure

We will now discuss the effective troubleshooting and resolving of the Dell Printer Connection failure.

You should now follow these fixes: –

  1. Properly Checking the Internet Connection

First of all, you are supposed to check the speed of your internet. If your internet is running at a low speed, the setup process is likely to fail. Consequently, you will not be able to print your files effectively. For resolving this problem, you should first restart the router and then reconnect the devices to it. In addition, you should place the router close to your device for maximum stable speed. Furthermore, you should disconnect all the other devices that are connected to the router to raise the speed of the network.

  • Checking Device Compatibility

If your device is compatible with your Dell 1130 printer, then only it will form a successful connection. Therefore, you should properly check the system requirements and the compatibility for the Dell 1130 Printer Setup to be a success.

  • Checking for Pending Updates

If there are any pending updates then there can be a failure in the setup process. Therefore, you are advised to check for any driver updates and perform them for a successful connection. You are supposed to go to the official Dell website to check for these updates, and if yes, then you should properly download the updated drivers and install it into your system. Thereafter, you should perform the Dell 1130 Printer Setup process.

  • Checking if Devices are Connected to different Network

The setup process can also be a failure if the computer and the printer are connected to a different network. You are advised to connect both the devices to the same WIFI connection for the successful setup.


We have provided you with all the authentic and reliable information related to the Dell 1130 Printer Setup. If you want any additional information or help then you can freely contact our technical support team.