What is the meaning of Canon Default Password?

What is the meaning of Canon Default Password?

There are many Canon printer users who are facing trouble in memorizing their Canon Default Password. We will be discussing technical procedures that will help in recovering our Canon Printer Username and Password in a short period.

Canon Default password retriever short method

During the purchase of the Canon printer, the Canon password is set. It would be interesting to know that the Canon Printer Serial Number is the Canon Default Password. Canon Printer Serial Number is made up of nine alphanumeric characters (four alphabets followed by five numbers)and is printed on a sticker affixed to the printer.

One of the above-mentioned pairings will enable the user to access the Canon printer console. Once they have access to the printer console, they can also create a new password.

If any other person has configured the password and the Canon Default Admin Password is not functioning then you are advised to follow the below-mentioned procedures to reset the Canon Printer Password.

Steps for Resetting Canon Printer Password

  1. Firstly, you should go to your Canon Printer’s Control Panel and then set up the printer
  2. Now, you should go to Device Settings and then reset the Settings
  3. To return to the default settings, you are supposed to go to the setup menu and then select reset all.
  4. Now, you can log in with the default username and password provided above and create a new password as required.
  5. Next, if you are looking for a quick way to connect your Canon to a

Wi-Fi network, then you should try these techniques.

In case, you have failed to remember your Canon printer username and password then, you are supposed to follow the below-mentioned steps. There is a possibility that passwords might change because official printer producers continue to change their passwords to safeguard their data. After considering all these things, you are advised to generate a new Canon Default Password by changing the setting of your Canon printer. Based on the Canon printer model you are using, the Canon username and password are given to you at the purchasing time of the printer. The password given is either “Canon” or the printer’s chronic number.

Now, we will discuss resetting or changing the Canon Printer Password.

  1. To begin with, if the password is Canon, the username assigned according to the printer model number beneath will be ADMIN.
  2. Now, if the Canon Printer Serial Number is the password, then the printer chronic number will be the administrator password.

Setting Canon Printer Default Username and Password without any hassles 

While facing challenging times to fix Canon offline problems, we have to work on the Canon printer’s username and password. In the below-mentioned points, we are providing steps to set any printer model as the default mode so that the printer can run properly.

In the below-mentioned points, the Canon printer users should keep the specialized rules to set the canon default admin password with easy tasks:

  1. You should first open the internet browser chrome, safari, or Firefox, which you have
  2. Now, in the program bar, you should type the https://machine’s IP address
  3. Next, you should check the print server name if these steps fail to work
  4. Thereafter, you should type the default username and password of “init pass”.
  5. Now, select the admin tab
  6. Subsequently, a screen will pop up where you are supposed to enter your new password
  7. While filling out the new password, you should tap to confirm the field and then set the default password
  8. Lastly, you should click to submit

In the future, if you fail to remember your Canon Printer Username then you are supposed to follow the abovementioned steps and make a new default username and password for printer clients.

To Change your Canon Password

For changing your Canon Password, you should utilize one of the below-mentioned tools or devices: –

  1. Operation panel.
  2. IJ Network Tool.
  3. Printer data screen exhibited on some Canon application software.

You are advised to follow some restrictions and guidelines for setting up your Canon password: –

  1. You are supposed to set the password by utilizing 4 to 32 characters. For security reasons, you should select at least 6 characters.
  2. Your password should be a mix and match of letters and numerals

In some rare cases, if it is a shared printer, then you should contact the manager for the password. You can also revert back to the default password by introducing the printer settings. 

For Windows users

  1. If your Canon password has been changed while you are sharing the printer without any clue about the password then you should request the administrator of the printer you are utilizing.
  2. By initializing the printer settings, you should put the password back to the default setting.


In this article blog, we have comprehensively discussed every detail and information about the Canon Default Password. If you encounter any type of issue or problem then you should contact our technical support team for help and assistance.  

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