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HP printer support number
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HP printer support number

Hp is a leading brand dealing in laptops, printers and other electronic products and Support for Hp printer.

One this that set it apart from its competitor is its excellent customer support services.

Here we have detailed all the support services that you will get with your Hp printer and how you can avail them.

Hp support through the main website

Hp gives a plethora of support options for their various products including Hp Printers through their website

  • If you need any assistance for Hp printer head over to the Hp website and go to support page.
  • In the support, page choose the printer option
  •  Enter your printer’s model number.
  • Now you will be presented with driver and software support.
  • You will also get the Hp virtual chat support option.
  • Click on the virtual chat icon and a chat dashboard will appear.
  • It’s automated virtual chat support.
  • Enter your problem you are facing with your Hp printer, and it will reply with the best possible response to your query.

HP Print and Scan doctor support

  • Go to the Hp support page.
  • Enter your model number.
  • Now from the listed software, download the Hp print and Scan doctor.
  • Install the software and run it.
  • It will automatically find the issues you might be facing with your Hp printer and suggest you the possible troubleshooting steps.

More Hp support options

There numbers of other Hp support option for your printer.

Register your Hp printer on the support page.

If you register your Hp product on the support page, your warranty will be updated in Hp database.

This will ensure that there is no delay in getting the required expert services, in case you face any difficulty with your Hp product.

  • To register your printer go to
  • Choose the register your product and click register here
  • Fill up the form and submit.

Get the location and contact of Hp service center nearest to you.

Enter and then choose, ‘find service center.’

You have to fill your location details in the form provided.

It will show all the Hp center nearest to you.

Find Hp replacement center

If there is a need to replace your printer’s cartridges or any other parts

  • Go to the Hp support home page and then select Hp authorized replacement center.
  • You have to choose your location then.
  • It will list the entire authorized Hp replacement centers near to your location.

Hp smart support

Hp provides the Hp smart support for your printer.

  • Open in your web browser.
  • Here you have to make an account.
  • Click on create account.
  • Fill up your credentials.
  • Then click the sign-up button.
  • With this account comes the Hp instant ink replacement service.
  • You can opt for it, and original Hp ink will be shipped to your doorstep every time you are low on ink.
  • With this account, solutions specific to your printer model will be sent to you without the hassle of searching individually.

Hp customer care service

Besides having several support options on their website, Hp also offer customer care service to its product’s users.

  • To chat with the customer care executive of Hp you have to call their customer care number.
  • Dial 877-353-6650 from your phone.
  • An automated voice will guide you through different option.
  • Opt for a chat with customer care executive.
  • This service is available on a 24/7 basis, but the best time to call is in the morning.
  • When you get on the chat, clearly state the issue you are facing with your printer.
  • They will help you in resolving the issue.
  • Hp, customer support unit, will help you with
  • Returns and Repairs issues.
  • They will provide you technical support.
  • They will help you with warranty Claim.
  • They will give you information regarding Refund a Charge.

Contact Hp customer service for printer through email

  • You can also email to Hp service and get back a reply to your problem.
  • Mail your query at this email address.
  • Hp support service takes anywhere 3 to 24 hours to reply.

Get Hp support through Hp social media profiles

  • Go to the @Hpsupportonline which is the official Twitter handle of Hp.
  • Tweet your query there.
  • A technical support executive will reply to you.

That is all the support you will get from the Hp support services. If you are facing any issue related to your printer or you are installing your printer for the first time and need any technical assistance feel free to contact the Hp customer services.

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