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How to override expired HP Printer ink cartridges
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How to override expired HP Printer ink cartridges

Inkjet printers can command eye-popping low purchase prices, but their buy-in cost advantages disappear when you add your investment of ink cartridges over the printer’s lifespan. That investment becomes even more expensive when HP, produce cartridges that no longer print after they attain a specific age. However, some HP Photo smart printers include some override procedures that you can use to bypass those devices’ ink-expiration warnings. You can easily do that by taking HP Support team’s experts’ assistance. You can buy HP Printer ink cartridges at the best price.

HP Printers not only give you high quality images with brilliant colors, but they also come with extra advantage of having refillable ink cartridges. We all know refilling ink cartridges is good for the printing environment. But sometimes you may run into issues when trying to reinstall them into the HP printer. Well, there is an easy and quick way to override this error that allows you to continue using a refilled printer cartridge again and again. So, let’s know more about the procedure to override expired HP Printer ink cartridges.

Understand Ink policies

Some HP printers have ink cartridges with encoded expiration dates. These cartridges discontinue working after a precise time interval. It is either relative to at what time you install them or to the warranty date which is printed on the packaging. HP printers which are affected by this ink-expiration policy, include an override method that enables you to continue using past-date cartridges. However, HP also warns that expired ink may damage printer’s print head. It will automatically annul any remaining warranty coverage on the printer itself.

Learn to override expired ink cartridges

Each HP printer that includes an expired-ink override method offers instructions on how to perform the override. You may see a warning message on an in-built display, identifying both the issues. Moreover, it also tells you to go for the control-panel keys to press on the continue printing. Printers that don’t have display screens may also show a pattern of blinking indicator lights. It points you towards the keys which needed to press. The user guide of your HP printer device may also offers instructions on how to perform override.

How Does An Ink Cartridge Expire?

If you don’t know how an ink cartridge expires, then you need to see the more information which is explained here. Else, you can also visit and get the needed assistance about this.

Only two categories of HP printers fall in the ink cartridge expire:

When HP 10, 11, 12, 13, and 14 are expired as in dead and the expiration message means that you must replace them instantly and you can’t even use them anymore. These expire of ink cartridge is based on the months past warranty or since the first installation, whichever comes foremost.

The expiration messages for HP 02, 18, 38, 70, 88, 177, 363, 777, and 801 are more like course of action, so you can carry on using the ink cartridges at risk of your warranty. Moreover, it is not clear why or when these terminate.

When your HP printer’s ink gets expired then follow the below mentioned useful steps:  
  • Turn the HP printer off by pressing and holding the power button continuously.
  • Now, you need to turn on the HP printer back on by pressing the power button. After that, you need to allow it to run through its setup procedure.
  • Open the access door of the HP printer and then install the refilled ink cartridge
  • Tap on the ignore, on the two dialog boxes which come into view on the computer screen, gives warning about printing with the empty ink cartridges.
  • Tap on the start menu of your computer, tap on control panel and then select printers.
  • Choose the HP printer that is connected to your computer and then click on “Maintenance” window.
  • Now, you need to go for “Preferences” and disable the ink level monitor and then click ok.

After pursuing these steps, you will be able to override expired HP Printer ink cartridges issues on your printer. However, if you need some additional assistance then you can make contact with HP Customer Support team professionals. They are well-versed with all kind of information and knowledge, so they will surely provide you the best ways to eliminate your issues.

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