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Hp officejet 6978 driver | Setup & Installation
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Hp officejet 6978 driver | Setup & Installation

Hp Office jet 6978 is an All-in-one color inkjet printer compatible for print, copy, fax and scan. It is wirelessly enabled and generally used for small and large office. It can connect with smartphone and tablet to print directly and it is having the advantage to easily print without a network also. On this printer you can also set the pace for speedy print, copy and scan. Driver installation is very important part for software update and for proper wireless setup of hp officejet 6978 driver.

Download HP Office jet 6978 Printer Driver( hp officejet 6978 driver )

Drivers will play a very strong role in the printer setup process so you need to download the proper and compatible driver of your hp office jet 6978 printer driver so that it will work properly and spontaneously without showing any type of printing errors.

In windows – Driver download for hp office jet 6978

  • First of all set the printer and do all the connection in a balanced way of hp office jet 6978 printer and the power board for the proper and steady flow of power supply.
  • From the network list choose the desired network for receiving the quality printing with the simple and easy setup.
  • Go to website and search your printer model there on the printer search list for installing the hp office jet 6978 driver.
  • Go to the driver & software option screen on the webpage of driver setup and check the entire available driver from the list.
  • Once you found the right driver for your hp office jet 6978 printer then, go to the download option and start the downloading process.
  • When the download get successful then start the installing process by running the driver file.

In Mac – Driver downloadfor hp office jet 6978

  • To setup firstly, hp office jet 6978 printer should have a proper connection with the electric power board for the steady flow power supply.
  • The network connection should be stable and proper for the communication with the printer.
  • Visit the driver website and download the driver .dmg file and then run that file.
  • Run the driver file properly and install it by following the On-screen steps one-by-one.
  • For wireless setup of hp office jet 6978 printer we need to follow the steps on the drivers file.
  • If you use the USB cable the wireless installation of the printer over the network will become an easy operation.

Manual Download of drivers for hp office jet 6978

  • With most of the printer you get the installation CD (driver disk) by the help of which you can download the desired printer driver easily on the device.
  • You need to insert the CD disk which you get with your hp office jet 6978 printer on the device and initiate the installation of the printer driver.
  • You can also get the driver of you hp office jet 6978 printer on website.
  • For downloading the printer drivers from the Hp official website simply open your browser and visit the and type your printer name on that website.
  • On the webpage you will get the search box where you need to put your printer model and search for the driver and when found it will detect your operating system version and show you the right driver that will be compatible for your operating device.
  • Download the complete driver software package and then the package and install that on your operating system device.

Driver installation of HP Office jet 6978 printer

Installation of driver is not a difficult process, all you need to do is to just follow the on-screen steps. You need to us the software package for the installation of hp office jet 6978 printer driver. For any other issue or assistance contact us on our toll free number

Drivers download and install for hp office jet 6978 printer( hp officejet 6978 driver )

Hpoffice jet 6978 printer driver download and install on your Windows:

  • First of all, turn ON your HP office jet 6978 printer and the windows computer
  • Open the browser and visit the Hp official website to find the right compatible driver for your office jet printer model.
  • Once you find the right driver download the full version driver properly and when it download successfully then run the downloaded file for installing the driver on your windows computer by following the on-screen steps.

Hp office jet 6978 printer driver download and install on your Mac( hp officejet 6978 driver ):

  • Turn ON your printer and Mac operating system and check the internet connection is properly setup or not.
  • Open the browser on mac like safari and visit the and search your hp office jet 6978 printer driver.
  • You will get a software package of your hp office jet printer in a dmg file for your mac device which you need to download.
  • Once the download successful then run the driver file and then follow all the steps on-by-one for the proper installation of driver.

Network Setup of hp office jet 6978 printer

Network Setup of HP Office jet 6978 Printer for windows:

  • Make sure that you got all the network information for an example, network name and network password correctly.
  • Your windows computer should connect to that same internet network on which you want to connect your hp office jet 6978 printer.
  • Go to the printer screen and tap on menu and therefore, go to network setup and in that you will get an option of Wireless Setup Wizard, which you need to select and it will do the search of your network connection and then select the network name (also known as SSID) and put the password for that network.
  • Therefore, it will connect to the same network on which your windows operating system is connected.

Network Setup of HP Officejet 6978 Printer for Mac:

  • Gather the same network name and password on which you want to do the wireless setup your HP Officejet 6978 printer.
  • Make sure that your Mac computer is connected with the same internet network connection.
  • Turn ONyour printer and go on network setup to enable the Wireless wizard option and from that search and connect to the right network by using the password.

If you are still facing problem while installing hp officejet 6978 driver please call our toll-free number at +1(844) 807-0255 for any HP Printer related issues and help.

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