123 hp com envy 5540 printer setup and installation

123 hp com envy 5540 printer setup and installation

The 123 hp com envy 5540 printer setup is easy and required some simple steps. You just have to keep in mind that you must follow each step of the setup properly. After the printer’s hardware is set, software and drivers installed and the printer connected to your computer, your printer will be ready to take the print command and start printing your documents.

Prepare the HP printer for the initial setup(123 hp com envy 5540 )

  • Unpack your Hp envy 5540 printer and remove the protective material.
  • Connect the power cable and plug it into the socket.
  • Start the printer. When prompted choose the desired language and region.
  • Remove the packaging of cartridges, remove any protective casing or tape from the contact point of cartridges.
  • Open the front cover of the printer. The cartridge holder appears. Insert the cartridges firmly and press them well.
  • Load a stack of paper. You may have to clamp the paper between the plastic sliders. You can slide these clamps inwards. Wait a few seconds, the printer will adjust and calibrate the paper tray.

Manually connect the Hp envy 5540 printer to the Wi-Fi network

Before you can attempt to install the printer’s drivers and software, you can manually connect the printer to the Wi-Fi network. You also need the network name and password.

  • Go in the menu on your printer to the heading ‘Settings’ and then navigate to ‘Wi-Fi settings’.
  • Select the Wi-Fi setup wizard and choose the network to which you want to connect your printer.
  • Enter your password and confirm this by clicking on ‘OK’. The connection may take a while so be patient.

Connecting to a Wi-Fi network at a later stage is also possible. You will come across this option in the software installation process.

After this, it is quite important that you connect your computer to the same network. Because the printer is connected to the same Wi-Fi, the computer can find the HP printer and use it to print your documents.

Connect the Hp envy printer 5540 via USB cable

First, you have to download and install the drivers for your Hp envy all in one 5540 printer.

  • Go to and download the drivers.
  • If the Hp Easy Start is downloaded, open it to run the setup.
  • When the setup prompts you to select the connection type, choose USB.
  • Now connect the USB cable and finish the driver installation.

Install Hp envy printer over a wireless network

With Hp printer wireless setup you can connect your printer to your laptop and mobile device through a Wi-Fi network.

You can connect your wireless printer with any one of the below-mentioned methods:

Hp auto wireless connect

Hp auto wireless connect feature lets your printer connect to the network without the need for network settings, like network name or password.

Certain requirements should be met before your printer connects to your computer via the Hp wireless auto-connect.

  • Your hp printer must be in the wireless auto-connect mode. Your printer automatically remains in the auto-connect mode for two hours since it’s powered on.
  • Your computer is on your wireless network and the operating system must have control over the wireless adapter so that the hp software can access the network settings.
  • During the software installation, you will be prompted to choose a connection method. Select the Hp auto wireless connect.
  • Then you have to just follow the on-screen instruction, installation software would do the rest.

123 hp envy 5540 WPS connection method

If your router has a physical WPS button and your network employs the WPA or WPA 2 security protocol, you can connect your Hp printer via the WPS method.

  • Just press and hold the WPS push button on the printer for a few seconds to enable WPS.
  • Do the same with the router’s WPS button as well.
  • Wait a few minutes, the printer will connect to the network.

Hp Wireless setup wizard

  • Obtain your network name and password.
  • On the printer’s control panel go to settings and choose the wireless setup wizard.
  • From the network’s list select your network.
  • Enter the passkey.

123 Hp envy 5540 troubleshooting for the printer, not printing problem

  • The causes can be many, so let’s start with the most basic troubleshooting steps
  • Notice if there is an error message on your PC monitor. If there is then you should take steps accordingly.
  • Make sure there is enough paper in the tray.
  • Have you checked that the ink cartridges are not empty? If yes then change the cartridges.
  • If you connect the printer via USB, check that the USB cable is inserted properly.
  • If the printer is connected to the Wi-Fi network check that it’s on the same network as of your computer.
  • Sometimes the problem that a printer doesn’t work is because the printer drivers are old and need to be updated. Check for any available updates for the printer’s drivers