Simple Guide for | Installation & Activation

Avg comes in both free and premium variants. While the free version lets you experience the avg security for a month, paid version extends the security for a period of a minimum of one year. Follow this guide for installation and activation for avg paid version.

How to make a purchase for avg setup

If the antivirus has impressed you and you have decided to give it a try, these steps will help you make the purchase;

  1. Visit and click on the menu button.
  2. Now choose the OS for which you need the avg antivirus.
  3. Browse through the list of the products.
  4. Click the product that fits your need.
  5. On the product, detail window click on the buy button.
  6. You will be taken to the billing page.
  7. Provide the information, fillup the card details, and make the transaction.

When avg setup purchase is successful an email with the invoice and product activation code will be sent to the email address you provided.

How to download avg setup?

  1. Open the page and click the menu button.
  2. Browse through the list of the products and locate the one you purchased.
  3. Click the download button underneath the product name to start the download.

How to install avg setup?

  1. After the download of, you can run the installer to install the product.
  2. Open the download folder and look for avg installer.
  3. Double click the installer to run the avg installation wizard.
  4. Accept the avg antivirus license agreement and terms of use.
  5. Next, select the installation option.
  6. If you have chosen custom installation, specify the folder where you want the installation files to be stored.
  7. Click the continue button to start the installation with the specified settings.
  8. The installer will then configure the necessary settings and install the product.

How to activate avg setup?

The Premium version of avg setup needs activation. You can activate it with a license key. Look for the code in the email from avg.

  1. Double click the avg icon on the desktop or in the system tray.
  2. On the avg main application window, click the options button.
  3. From the options menu, click the activate link.
  4. Type the license code in the provided field and click activate.
  5. The application will be activated with the provided activation code.

How to renew avg setup subscription?

If your avg subscription period is coming to end and you want to continue with avg protection you can renew the subscription;

  • Access the page
  • Log in to your avg account with your login info.
  • On the avg web portal, click the subscription box.
  • Under your expired subscription, you will see the renewal button, click on it.
  • You will be taken to the purchase page.
  • Make transactions for the license renewal.
  • After the transaction is successful, your avg subscription setup will be renewed.

How to completely remove avg setup

If you have decided to remove from your PC then follow the steps;

  1. Go to page.
  2. Click the download avg clear link to download the uninstall utility.
  3. Locate the avgclear.exe file and right-click it.
  4. To start the avg clear setup with administrative privilege select run as administrator option.
  5. User account control dialogue box will pop up. To grant permission click the yes button.
  6. On the uninstall window select the avg application you want to uninstall and click the uninstall button.
  7. The avg clear utility will remove all the files of avg setup from your computer.
  8. Next, click the restart button to apply the changes and delete any residual files left.

How to troubleshoot avg setup errors?

If you are experiencing issues with then the troubleshooters mentioned below will help you get rid of them;

Avg antivirus setup unable to update

Database update equips antivirus with the right tools to combat recently introduced infections and attacks. If avg is not updating, it’s a serious issue. Try updating the antivirus manually;

  1. Go to avg websites and look for the updates available for your products.
  2. Click the download updates button the save then on your PC.
  3. Open the avg application and select update.
  4. Now click the option update from a directory.
  5. Browse through the folders and specify the updated files.
  6. When the update files are selected click the OK button to update.

Avg antivirus setup unable to scan 

If the avg application could not initiate a scan or the scans halt in-between the process, its files may have gotten corrupted. Try repairing it.

  1. Navigate to the control panel and open the add or remove program tool.
  2. Locate avg antivirus from the list and right-click it.
  3. Select repair then proceeds with the instructions till the process is finished.
  4. Start avg scan to check if the issue is resolved or not.

How To Connect HP Deskjet 2622 To Wi-Fi?

Wireless printing eliminates the clutter created by messy cables and free the user from the confinement of printing from a single connected device. A wireless printer can connect to a mobile device with the same ease as it connects with a desktop or laptop. This simple post on how to connect Hp DeskJet 2622 to wifi will be very useful if you are attempting a new Hp printer wireless connection or if there is a connection error with a previously connected wireless DeskJet 2622 printer.

Pre-requisite for wifi connection
● Make sure you have the network information that is, the network name and its passcode.
● Your router is powered On and can access the network.
● The printer is placed within the vicinity of your router’s range.
● WiFi direct is disabled, as it won’t allow the wireless connection.
● Press and hold the wireless button and resume button at the same time to disable WiFi direct

Bring the printer to setup mode
For the first time installation, the hp printer remains in setup mode for two hours. In case you are reconnecting your hp DeskJet 2622 then you need to reset the network setting and configure the printer to setup mode.
● On the printer’s control panel press and hold the WiFi and cancel button simultaneously.
● Hold them both until you see the power button starts flashing.
● Release the button. The Hp 2622 DeskJet printer is now in setup mode and you can connect it to wifi.

Simple methods to connect Hp DeskJet 2622 printer to a wifi network

  1. Download and install the printer-specific drivers and software on your PC.
  2. Connect the printer to the same wireless network as that of your PC.
  3. Launch the printer software application, and on the connection screen select wireless.
  4. Follow instructions to finish the procedure, then close the application.
    Connect Hp DeskJet 2622 printer to WiFi via WPS
    You can easily connect the Hp printer to wifi using WPS (WiFi Protected Setup) connection mode:
    ● To enable the WPS mode press and hold the wireless button for about five seconds.
    ● The printer will remain in WPS mode for two minutes, so promptly press the WPS push button on your router too. Also hold it for two to three seconds to enable and initiate a WPS connection.
    ● If everything goes correctly, the wireless light will stop flashing indicative of a successful connection.

Connect Hp DeskJet 2622 printer to wifi using Hp smart app
● If you don’t have the Hp smart app download and install it from the Hp download webpage.
● When installed launch the app on your PC and Click on Printer’s icon. You will find it on the left panel of the screen.
● Select set up a new printer option. It will enable the discovery mode for your wireless network.
● The app will instruct you to download and install Hp printer drivers and software if not already installed.
● Click on the Continue button on the screen.
● Choose your Wi-Fi network, and provide the password if prompted.
● Now sit back. The rest of the process is automatic. The app will begin the setup process.
● If your printer is in Wireless setup mode it will detect the network and connect to it.

norton setup activation

How to activate the Norton setup Activation?

Norton is one of the most trusted antivirus software providers in the online security space. You must know that after the purchase of a Norton product you have to complete the Norton Setup activation to unlock a full Norton subscription with all of its excellent features. For activation, you need a Norton activation key. It is used to authenticate the purchase, mark the subscription period, and also safeguard users from fake or cracked Norton products.

Looking at the features, Norton offers top-of-the-line protection, swiftly detecting and eliminating online attacks. Norton’s tough protection shield prevents even the most brutal cyberattacks and provides complete security.

If you are looking for a simple step-by-step guide for Norton setup activation, then read along and follow the instruction to successfully activate a Norton subscription.

Let’s start with the Norton setup activation

  1. First of all, you must have a Norton product key. When you buy any Norton product, be it online or offline, you get the Norton license activation key.
  2. Next is the Norton online account. You must have a Norton online account beforehand. It is needed to download the Norton product installation package that is
  3. After Norton account registration, you have to log in to your account, then download Norton Antivirus on your computer.
  4. The last step is to install the downloaded Norton product. Once the installation finishes, you can activate your Norton setup.

Download & Install Norton Antivirus

  • Register a Norton account. Visit the and provide the license key.
  • The account registration page will open up.
  • Fill up the required details and obtain login credentials for your Norton account.
  • After account registration, use your login details and sign in to your account dashboard.
  • Open the download section, the screen will display the available products under your Norton subscription.
  • Select the product to download, specify the operating system, and click the download button.
  • When you have the Norton Installer on your computer double click it to launch the installation process.
  • As soon as you have the setup files you can kickstart the Norton installation.
  • Follow the installation instruction and complete the Norton setup installation.

Activate Norton setup with Norton Setup Activation Code

Only after a successful install of antivirus on your pc, could you finish the Norton setup activation. Once you have the software ready on your computer, you can use the license activation key to activate your Norton subscription and enable all of its features and security shield.

  • Make sure that you have internet access. If not connect to a network.
  • Launch the Norton application. Its icon will be on the desktop. You have to just double click it. It can also be found on the taskbar or in the start menu.
  • When the Norton application window opens up it will search for any updates. Wait till all the updates are completed.
  • Next click on the menu button to expand and from the menu list, choose my account option.
  • In my account window click on the product activation option.
  • A box will pop up where you will be required to enter the Norton license code.
  • If you have noted down the code, type it in the box. If it’s in the email, open the email, copy the code, then paste it in the given field.
  • Next click on the submit button. Norton application will verify the validity of the activation key and if found legit, will display a successful product activation message on the screen

Clear Norton Setup Activation Errors

It’s possible that you may encounter some errors during Norton product activation. You could also see the product activation failure message. In such case try the below-mentioned troubleshooters and quickly clear the errors:

  • Try the basic troubleshooting first, restart your computer. Make sure that no other program is running in the background, then re-attempt the Norton setup activation.
  • If you see the product key mismatch message, you may have made a mistake while entering the code. Delete the activation code and type it again, this time be careful and type each character correctly.
  • If you still could not activate the Norton product, get in touch with Norton support, and discuss the error with them. Keep activation code with you. It may be needed for assistance.

This concludes Norton’s product setup activation. It’s simple, does not take much time, and once done correctly, unlocks the full potential of Norton’s product. If you are facing any difficulty we recommend that you go through all the steps once again and see if you have not missed something. If you applied all the steps correctly and still the problem persists, go through the troubleshooters and see if they help.

kaspersky setup activation

Simple Two Steps Process for Kaspersky Setup Activation

Kaspersky setup activation is a simple process that enables full Kaspersky features on your computer and protects you from all kinds of internet attacks and Infections. Kaspersky is one of the most trusted security software in the market that brings to the table state of the art cyber threat protection features and enhanced security.

Kaspersky is capable of providing protection on all the frontiers of cybersecurity. It also keeps a strict watch on all the avenues from where a threat could be directed at you or an infection could gain access to your system.

But to enjoy the services of feature-laden Kaspersky Security software you must have it installed and activated on your computer. A Simple Two-step process for Kaspersky setup activation detailed below will help you down the Procedure.

Step 1: Download and Install Kaspersky antivirus on the PC

Before you can activate your Kaspersky Subscription, the Kaspersky setup must be installed on your computer. Follow the steps to Complete the Setup:

Download the Setup file

  • To download Kaspersky set up, visit the Kaspersky homepage.
  • Simply click on the link and you will be taken to the official home page of Kaspersky.
  • Expand the menu icon, you will find it on the top left corner of the screen and click on downloads.
  • On the Download page select the product, you have purchased the subscription, and click on the update button.
  • On the next screen, specify the operating system for which you want to download the setup file and click on the download button.

Run the setup to install the Kaspersky software

Go to the location where You have download the Installer file. Depending on the OS you have specified during the download it will be a .exe file or a .dmg file.

Double click the file to launch the Installer application. On the Setup dialogue box, click on the Continue button.

Next, follow as directed on the screen, then click on the install button.

The Setup will extract all the files and install them on your pc.

Once the whole process completes, click on the finish button and close the Installer window.

Step 2: Utilize License key to Complete Kaspersky Activation Setup

Once Kaspersky antivirus is installed on your pc, you can now provide the activation code to activate your license and start off the subscription period.

You must have a valid license key to activate your subscription. The secret code is generated when you purchase a Kaspersky subscription license online and is sent to you through email to your specified email address. In case of a boxed version, which you can get from a physical retail store offline, you can find the code in the Quickstart guide included in the package.

Kaspersky also recommends that you must check the system date and correct it in case it’s not set correctly. An incorrect system date can affect your subscription period and it may show an expiration message before its due date.

  • Double click on the Kaspersky icon on the desktop or system tray to launch the application.
  • For any fresh installation, the application will take you to the product activation window.
  • Here you have two choices. If you want to test the features before purchasing the full subscription, you can choose to activate the trial version of the application option. Else you can enter the code and initiate a full subscription.
  • If you have the license key, look for the text enter activation code on the activation screen. Below you will find boxes to enter the code.
  • Input the code in the given fields and click on the Activate button. The application will verify your code, then activate your subscription.
  • Activation completed successfully window will appear, just click on the finish button.

Remove Kaspersky Activation Errors

  1. For the Error, “Key file corresponds to another application”,  remove the installed Kaspersky application from your pc. Restart it once then downloading the installer again from the Kaspersky lab website. Install the application then try to activate it.
  2. If you face a DNS error or network connection error, first check the network connection and see if it’s running properly. Next, check the date of the system and correct it if required. If the Error still persists check the DNS client service or try changing the DNS server through network settings.
  3. If the server error still persists, try activating the subscription after some time. If you are on a windows computer try updating it to the latest version.
  4. If the application rejects your activation code, the keyboard layout may be set to a different language. Some applications automatically change the keyboard layout. If you have any such application installed, disable it first before activation.