123.hp com/setup 8710 and troubleshooting guide

123.hp com/setup 8710 and troubleshooting guide

Primary 123.hp.com/ setup for hp 8710 printer

  • Take the printer out of its packaging
  • Connect the printer to an electrical outlet
  • Insert the ink cartridges or toners. (Please refer to the printer manual)
  • Choose the appropriate connection

Install the drivers for the printer

  • Insert the utility cd in the optical drive.
  • Wait for the setup to run and install.
  • If you don’t have the installation disk enter the 123.hp.com/8710 URL in your browser.
  • Specify your printer model.
  • Download the latest drivers and install them.

Connect the 123 hp 8710 printer through USB cable

Place the printer close to the computer as most USB cables are of short length.

  • Plug the printer USB cable into your computer. It should fit into one of the USB ports on the side of your computer or on the back or front of the CPU box.
  • Plug the other end of the USB cable to the printer.
  •  Press the button to turn on the printer. Be sure to wait a minute or more after doing this before continuing.
  • In many cases, simply turning on the printer after connecting to the computer will require the installation of the printer to begin. If so, follow the on-screen instructions until your printer is installed.
  • If plugging the printer into your computer does not prompt the installation process to start, continue with this method.
  • Look for the Windows logo in the lower-left corner of the screen and click on it. The Start menu opens.
  • Enter “printers and scanners” in START.
  • This will locate the printers and scanners section on your computer.
  • Click on printers and then scanners. You will see this at the top of the Start window.
  •  Here click on “Add a printer or scanner”. It’s at the top of the printers and scanners window.
  • Click on the name of your printer. You will find it in the  ” Add a printer or scanner” window. By doing so, you will bring the printer installation window.
  • If the name of your printer does not appear, you must click on “the printer I want is not listed”, then select a search option and follow the on-screen prompts.
  • Your printer is now correctly installed and ready to print.

Connect the 123 hp 8710 through WIFI

Connecting the printer wirelessly has its advantages. One of them is your printer is free from space constraint as long as it is in the range of the wireless network.

There are mainly two  ways to connect your printer:

  1. Automatic wireless connection
  2. WiFi Protected Setup (WPS)

Connect a printer via WiFi through WPS

  • Press the wireless button on your printer.
  • Now press on the WPS button on your router.
  • Your printer will search for the networks.
  • It will connect to your wireless network.
  • You may have to enter the network password.
  • When this is done open your computer’s settings or control panel
  • Choose “Devices and Printers”
  • Select “Add a printer”
  •  “Add a network, wireless or Bluetooth printer” is the option that you should choose from the window.
  • Select your wireless printer
  • Install the printer driver on your computer
  • Follow the steps of the installation wizard and click on “Finish”

123 hp 8710 setup to connect on Mac

  • At the top left side of the screen there will be the apple menu, click on it.
  • Click on “system preferences”
  • Select the “Printers and scanners” icon
  • Click on “Add (+)”
  • Choose your wireless printer from the list of nearby devices or click “Add a printer” if your model does not appear
  • If necessary, enter the IP address of your printer

Connect the hp wireless printer to an iPhone

  • Make sure your phone and printer are on the same wireless network.
  • Select the photo or document you want to print.
  • Click on the share or configuration icon to access the printing options of the application
  • Click on the “print” option.
  • Choose your printer supporting AirPrint functionality.
  • All the latest 123 hp printer supports the apple AirPrint feature. So you don’t have to install any third-party application.

Install the 123 hp 8710 printer in Windows 10 via an IP address

  • Enter printers ” in the search field of the start menu.
  • Select the Printers and scanners option from here.
  • Look for the ” Add a printer or scanner ” from the menu and select it.
  • Wait for the ” The printer I want is not in the ” Option list to appear, then select it.
  • You will see the option ” Add a printer using a TCP / IP address or hostname “, select it and then select ” Next “.
  •  Go for the ” TCP / IP Device ” option from the ” Device Type ” list.
  • Type the hostname or IP address of the printer and then select ” Next “.
  • Windows should find the printer if it is secure and configured correctly.

Troubleshooting for the wireless connection of the hp 8710 Printer

The printer cannot connect to the network

You have installed the printer over WIFI and the configuration seems to have gone smoothly, but you cannot control the device via the network? Then the configuration is probably wrong or incomplete. Therefore, data exchange between the Wi-Fi router and the printer is impossible. In this case, select the router settings and check the configuration. It is enough to have made a mistake or to have incorrectly selected the options for it is impossible to use a printer via Wi-Fi.

MAC filtering blocks unauthorized Wi-Fi devices

MAC filtering requires network devices to provide their MAC addresses in order to access the Wi-Fi network. Typically, MAC filtering is not enabled and the printer is accepted. Otherwise, you can disable filtering or enter the printer’s MAC address in the system . Search for it directly on the device and enter it in MAC filtering. This also helps prevent unwanted printer access.

Printer IP address not found

In order for all devices, i.e. your computer, printer, and router, to cooperate, you must have a correct IP address. Normally, the address is provided to you by the setup software installation wizard. If not, you need to manually configure and correct the IP address of your printer. Since the procedure to follow depends on the device, it is best to consult its user manual to proceed correctly.

The printer has access to the network but the print request does not reach it You have successfully installed the printer driver and software, the printer has access to the Wi-Fi network but refuses to print? The problem is probably related to the computer’s firewall. This interferes with communication between the printer and the computer. To find out if it is the cause of the problem, deactivate the firewall for a few moments and start printing.

123.hp com/setup 8710 and troubleshooting guide

123.hp.com/setup 6968 | HP Printer Setup & Installation

 123.hp.com/6968 printer is a versatile device with robust functioning and high performance. But sometimes when you acquire a new printer, in addition to configuring the printer which can potentially pose certain difficulties, installing the printers can seriously give you a hard time.

But if you follow this 123.hp.com/setup 6968 guide your new printer setup will likely be smooth and error-free.

Things you should know before installing 123 hp inkjet 6968 printer(123.hp.com/setup 6968)

There is a specific order of steps to follow to install a printer. The installation process can generally be broken down as follows:

  • Connect the printer to the computer
  • Install Printer software
  • Have the printer recognized by the operating system
  • The ink cartridges should also be installed.
  • Connect and install the Wifi printer, if necessary to the wireless internet network
  • Connect the printer to the computer or pc
  • once the printer has been unpacked, placed in the desired location and assembled.
  • First of all, you need to check that you have the connection cable. Very often it comes with the printer, otherwise, you have to buy it by yourself.

Install the ink cartridges before connecting the hp 6968 printer to the computer

  • First access the printer by opening the cover.
  • Take the cartridges, and remove the protective tab.
  • Consult the manual. In general, the procedure to follow is illustrated on a leaflet in each refill that you buy.
  • Carefully insert them into the cartridge box as instructed in the instruction manual.

This is the primary setup of the printer. The next step is to connect the printer to the computer or laptop.

123.hp.com/6968 setup for printer’s connection

There are mainly two connection systems: Wired connection via USB and wireless connection.

Which connection method you choose depends upon your choice and your need.

Depending on the type of connection, the installation steps, which are roughly the same, vary slightly.

Connecting a 123 hp 6968 printer using the USB cable:

  • When ready, connect the printer to power through the power cord.
  • Install the software contained on the CD supplied with the printer or download it first from the hp website.
  • Connect the USB cable to the printer, then to the computer.
  • Turn on the printer using the power button. An LED light should come on.
  •  Wait for a few minutes, while the connection process completes.
  • Once the connection is established, install the printer in Windows

Connect the printer using a wireless network

You can either choose the WIFI direct option or the WPS method.

For the WPS method, press and hold the WPS button on the router to enable it.

Now on the printer press WIFI button. An led light may blink indicating that WIFI is powered on.

Your printer will search the network.

When it finds your network, it will connect to it.

You may be prompted to enter the network key.

Once the connection is established, your printer is ready to print over a wireless network.

Add the 123 hp 6968 Printer to the windows

Once the printer is connected to the PC(123.hp.com/setup 6968), the next step essentially concerns software recognition of the device.

  • As soon as we connect the printer to the computer, Windows should recognize the new hardware by itself.
  • Regarding the window’s operating system, for example, you will see a window appear on your screen.
  • There, you should select the option not now. Before clicking on “Next”, you will need to insert the CD supplied with the printer in order to continue.
  • Now you don’t have to do anything. The rest will be done by the operating system.
  • You may be asked to choose where to download the drivers. Then, you will have to continue the process by clicking on “OK”.
  • The procedure is automatic, you must click OK or continue then wait.
  • Finally, a small window at the bottom right will tell you that the new device has been recognized and ready to be used.

What to do if the computer does not recognize my printer(123.hp.com/setup 6968)?

This can happen with older operating system versions and sometimes even with the newer versions too.

  • Sometimes, the computer may not recognize the new printer automatically.
  • In this case, you must, therefore, install the printer manually.
  • First, insert the CD that came with the printer, then go to Control Panel. You can access the control panel via the START button.
  • In the control panel click on “Printers and devices” then on “Add a printer.
  • If, you are using the professional version of XP, the older version of windows, on the click on “Printers and Faxes”.
  • If the printer is not on the network, i.e. it is only used by the computer to which it is connected, the checkboxes will be different.
  • Now click on the “Next” button. The system will automatically search for the printer and, once it has found it, all you have to do is follow the instructions and wait for the installation to finish.
  • But If you are using a network printer, you must choose the option “network printer or a printer connected to another computer”. Then find the printer you are trying to add and click on add Printer.
123.hp.com/setup 5055 | HP Envy 5055 Setup guide

123.hp.com/setup 5055 | HP Envy 5055 Setup guide

Setting up the 123.hp.com/setup 5055 all in one printer is easy and requires a few simple steps.

Hp as always brings it’s hallmark quality and features with the new hp envy 5055 Printer. It’s sophisticated features, beautiful design and robust functioning make it one of the best Printer to buy.

Hp envy 5055 setup for the WIFI connection( 123.hp.com/setup 5055 )

This is a bit complicated but at the same time the most reliable method to connect the 123 hp envy 5055 printer. You do need the network name and password.

  • Turn on the printer and go to the control panel. Before you do this, you should also know both the name (also called SSID) of your network and the associated password. If you do not know this data.
  • Now press the “Setup” button on the printer control panel and then go to “Network”.
  • At this point, the printer should show you all network sources in the vicinity. Choose the name of your network or, if you cannot find it, enter it manually at the end of the list. Make sure that the letters are case sensitive, otherwise, the connection cannot be established.
  • After you have selected your network, you will be asked to enter the password. Again, think of an exact spelling. Once this step is complete, the printer should automatically connect to the network, including your laptop. You can now print without being connected to the printer with a USB cable.

123.hp.com/setup 5055 Printer via HP wireless connection

With the so-called HP wireless connection, you can skip the steps when entering the network name and password. To do this, however, both the printer and the laptop must be compatible with this technology. The following conditions must be met for the HP wireless connection:

  • At least Windows 7 or macOS X 10.5 is installed on your laptop.
  • The connection between the laptop and the network is wireless.
  • Make sure that the printer is in the “HP Auto Wireless Connection” status. This is automatically the case when you turn on the printer for the first time or try to connect to the network.
  • If you see the automatic wireless connection after turning on the printer, consider using this option. Before following the steps below, however, you should make sure that no downloads are in progress or that you are doing other important work on the Internet. The connection to the Internet is disconnected once during setup, which prevents access to the Internet during this time.
  • Install the hp envy 5055 Printer software on your laptop that came with your printer. Simply follow the instructions that are displayed during the installation.
  • At some point, you will be asked to choose a connection type for the network setup. Select “Network (Ethernet / Wireless)” and then the option to automatically send your wireless settings to the HP printer.
  • You don’t need to do more at this point, as the rest is done by HP software. Settings regarding the network name and password are omitted.

Setup via WPS setup

WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) is used to connect network-compatible devices with one simple push of a button. In order to be able to use this method, however, some basic conditions must be met once again:

  • Both your HP printer and the wireless router must support WPS. You will usually find out whether this is the case in the manual. Alternatively, a large button labeled WPS is a safe indicator.
  • The router must use WPA or – better – WPA2 as the encryption method for the password. This is the case with the vast majority of routers. Older devices that only use WEP encryption or a similar method are not compatible with the WPS setup.

The setup via WPS setup is then very simple just follow the steps;

  • First press the WPS button on your 123 HP envy 50555( 123.hp.com/setup 5055) printer. The easiest way to find out whether there are other small things to consider is in the manual.
  • Within the next few minutes – and preferably as soon as possible – press the WPS button on your router. If in doubt, hold it down for a few seconds if the connection doesn’t work.
  • Normally, the connection between the printer and the laptop (or more precisely the network) should now be established automatically.

123.hp.com/5055 setup for printing from mobile

Quick and hassle-free printing is the demand of most of the users around the world and mobile printing is what gives them just the right tool to do so.

Hp understanding this need does not lag behind and offer comprehensive tools and features to connect the hp printers to the mobile device. Be it Android platform or the iOS, connecting the hp printer to these devices is very easy.

Hp envy 5055 setup for iPhone through apple’s AirPrint

Apple’s AirPrint is a utility suite that is inbuilt in the MAC as well as iOS devices. Airprint facilitates connecting the printer as well as printing without the need for downloading and installing any extra application.

All the latest hp printer supports the apple’s AirPrint and with your 123 hp envy 5055( 123.hp.com/setup 5055) print you don’t need to worry about the AirPrint compatibility issues.

  • Turn on the WIFI of your iPhone.
  • Press the wireless button on your printer. You can also do so via the control panel of the printer.
  • Your printer will search and find the wireless network of your iPhone and then connect to it.
  • Make sure that your printer and the iPhone is connected to the same wireless network.
  • Now select the document or photo you want to print.
  • Click on the share button, now select the print option.
  • You will be asked to select the printer, if your hp envy 5055 is setup and connected correctly, you will see it listed.
  • Select your printer and then print the photos or documents.

Hp envy 5055 setup for android device

  • Connect the hp printer on your android phone’s WIFI network.
  • Go to google play store and download the Hp print service plugin
  • Go to settings and enable the plugin.
  • Now just select the document and choose the print option from the drop-down menu.
  • Select your printer and start printing.

Hp envy 5055 setup for ePrint

Hp ePrint is the cloud-based service offered by Hp which gives you the freedom to print from anywhere as long as you have access to the internet.

  • Locate the hp ePrint button on the printer.
  • Ensure that your computer and the printer have access to the internet.
  • Enable web services from the control panel of the printer.
  • Now you just need the email address of the printer.
  • You just have to send the document or photos over the mail for printing.
  • Just make sure that the documents and photos do not exceed the 10 MB size.

Whenever you send the email, it should have a proper subject, or the print job may be canceled by the ePrint server.

If You are still facing issue with your HP printer You can also call our toll free number +1-833-283-0002.

123.hp.com/setup 3830 setup | Basic installation and troubleshooting

123.hp.com/setup 3830 setup | Basic installation and troubleshooting

123.hp.com/setup 3830 guide will provide you all the steps necessary to set up your printer and make it up and running in no time.

  • Remove your HP printer from its packaging and remove all of the sticky paper and protective materials.
  • Also, be sure to remove any protective material inside the printer that is used to protect your printer during transportation.
  • Consult the user manual to make sure you don’t forget anything.
  • Insert the plug into the outlet to power the printer. Then turn on the printer.
  • Choose the appropriate language on the screen depending upon your country of origin.
  • Open the ink cartridge door and insert the cartridges. Make sure you insert them correctly.
  • Load a stack of paper. The printer is now ready to use.
  • If you want to connect the printer via USB cable then insert the USB cable in the USB port of Printer and the computer.

Install the software for the 123 hp Officejet 3830 printer

Your 123.hp.com/setup 3830 Printer is now connected.

We will now make sure that your computer can control the printer. To do this, you need to install the HP EasyStart software.

  • Enter 123.hp.com/3830 in your browser.
  • Enter the name of your printer model.
  • Here you will see the list of available downloads for your printer model.
  • Download the required software.
  • Open the file you just downloaded.
  • Select “Full Software and Drivers” or “Basic Drivers”.
  • Install the software and the drivers.

Wireless network connection for your 123 hp 3830 Printer

Depending upon your choice, you can either opt for a wired connection or wireless network connection for your hp OfficeJet 3830 Printer.

Establish the connection via Wi-Fi

There are two ways to connect your printer to Wi-Fi. The easiest method is to connect your printer to Wi-Fi using the HP EasyStart software installed on your PC.

  • First, ensure that you have access to your WIFI network.
  • Open the HP EasyStart software you just installed and select “Wi-Fi connection”.
  • Select, establish a wireless connection with your printer”.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions. Your printer will then be automatically connected to your Wi-Fi network.
  • Print something to check the connection

The second method to connect the printer over a WIFI network

  • You first need to have the network name and password.
  • Use the navigation keys to go to “Settings” on your printer, then to “Wi-Fi settings”.
  • Select the Wi-Fi configuration wizard.
  • Select the name of your network. It is also sometimes called SSID.
  • Sometimes you have to enter the name of the network manually.
  • Enter your Wi-Fi network password.
  • Press the OK button.
  • Wait now, the printer will connect to the network, which may take a few minutes.

123.hp.com/3830 troubleshooting

A printer can often show errors or may not function properly. One of the most commonly occurring errors is the printer is offline.

Here you will find general solutions in case your printer is displayed offline for an extended period of time.

The solution to the problem is often very simple. In case of difficulties, contact the support service of your manufacturer.

The offline printer USB connection( 123.hp.com/setup 3830 )

If your printer 123.hp.com/setup 3830 is connected by USB to your computer and is displayed offline, follow the below steps:

  • Check if your printer is switched on and correctly connected. Errors in the USB device driver are indicated by a yellow symbol at the bottom right of the taskbar. Try plugging the printer into another USB port on your computer.
  • If your printer or your computer, switched to power saving mode during operation, this may also explain why the printer is displayed offline. In this case, restart the printer and reconnect it to the computer.
  • Go to the control panel, click on “Show devices and printers” and then right-click on your printer to display a status window. There you will find the “Printer properties” menu. Now check the “Allow” box in the “Security” tab. This will probably bring back the printer online.
  • Sometimes it may be useful to reinstall the printer driver and then re-register the printer with the driver installed in the system. A corrupt driver can also cause the printer to go offline.

123.hp.com/setup 3830 printer offline connected wirelessly

Network problems are the most common cause of offline display of a wireless printer 123.hp.com/setup 3830 .

  • Make sure your printer is on and check the wi-fi indicator on your router.
  • Your printer can only be displayed online if your router is turned on and wi-fi is correctly activated.
  • The printer must be on the same Wi-Fi network as your computer.
  • Re-enter your router’s password and IP address on the printer or in the software. Your printer can only be registered with the correct password and IP address. It will then appear online and you can again start printing.
  • Check if there is an error code displayed on the screen of your device many a time, problems with the printer’s accessories results in the offline error.
  • Check that there is enough paper loaded in the printer and that there is no paper jam.
  • View your devices and printers in the printer software or Windows Control Panel and exclude general error messages. Error message explains a lot about what problem the printer is encountering.
  • Check if you have enabled Wi-Fi on the computer.

If You are still facing issue with your HP envy 3830 printer, You can also call us on our toll free number +1-833-283-0002.

123.hp.com/setup 6970 | HP officejet printer 6970 setup & installation

123.hp.com/setup 6970 | HP officejet printer 6970 setup & installation

Knowing how to configure your 123.hp.com/setup 6970 printer when it is connected to the laptop or the computer is very simple. Some ink printers or laser printers have drivers or drivers. If you follow the right steps your new Hp 6970 printer will be up and running in no time.

Primary USB setup for the 123 hp 6970.

  • Turn on the printer and the computer.
  • Use the appropriate cable to connect the printer to the computer.
  • If you are connecting the printer via USB cable insert both ends of the USB cable in the required port.
  • At this point, your computer may request for driver installation, proceed to install them.
  • You can do so either through the installation disk that comes with the hp 6970 printer or you can download the required software and drivers from the internet.
  • Go to 123.hp.com/6970 page and download the software and drivers.
  • Once the download is complete install the drivers.
  •  Once the installation is complete, the program will ask you to print a test page to verify that it is really well configured and that the printer works properly.
  • Besides, it will allow you, through the “printer configuration” option, to make the changes you want in it, if you consider it necessary.

Adding the hp 6970 Printer manually to the windows computer

If after connecting the printer and the computer through the cable the printer has not been configured and added directly, you will have to do it manually.

  •  To do this you will have to access the Control Panel and click on Printers or Devices and Printers.
  • Once inside the menu click on Add a Printer.
  • Choose your printer and follow the steps.
  • Then press on the add button.

How to configure the 123.hp.com/6970 printer wirelessly to a computer with Windows OS?

Connecting a printer wirelessly printer is practical. Not only because avoiding connection cables prevents tangles and allows for better cleaning and ordering of the workspace. Also because it allows having this peripheral separated from the work table, leaving it free for other devices.

Follow the steps below to connect the printer wirelessly:

  • Currently, almost all printers can be connected via WIFI to an all-in-one, laptop or another type of computer and hp Officejet 6970 pro 123.hp.com/setup 6970 is no exception.
  • Place the printer in a place where it has access to the Wi-Fi signal, just like your computer. Although both devices are remote, both must have access to the same wireless network to install the printer correctly.
  • You can also opt for the WPS method, for this, you have to ensure that your router supports the WPS( WIFI Protected Setup) and has a physical WPS button.
  • Enable the WPS button on both the printer as well as the router.
  • Wait for the printer to search for your network and connect to it.

Add the wireless 123 hp printer to your computer

You can use the Windows wizard Add a printer and let yourself be guided by its steps.

  • Press the start button to enter the start menu and open the Control Panel. If your OS is a Windows prior to Windows 10 simply access the Control Panel through the start menu.
  • Choose the Devices and printers or View devices and printers option.
  • Select Add a printer at the top of the window.
  • Choose  Add a network, wireless or Bluetooth printer.
  • Choose network printer from the list and click on Next.
  • Make a test print to verify that everything is correct and working fine.

123.hp.com/setup 6970 (Hp 6970 Officejet printer setup for MAC

Setting up a printer on a Mac network is also simple. If you have a Mac Book and you want to configure your printer on this, you will see following this step by step is really simple and fast.

  • Click on the Apple menu first and in it on System Preferences.
  • Click on the Print and scan option.
  • Click and hold the “+” button at the end of the list of printers and select the printer you are interested in adding from the menu shown on your screen.
  • In case that the printer you want is not displayed, do not worry; Simply click on the IP box at the top of the Add Printer window and enter the IP address of the printer in the Address field.
  • Click on Download and install, if requested by the computer. It is very likely that your computer already has the necessary program to configure the printer. If not, it will be allowed to download the drivers or drivers easily from the Apple website.
  • Perform a print test to verify that everything is correct.

How to configure the hp printer to be shared by multiple Windows OS computers?

If you want to share the 123.hp.com/setup 6970 (123 hp setup com 6970) Printer over multiple computer systems, like in the office environment, you can do so. Just follow the below steps;

  • Access the Control Panel.
  • Click on Devices and printers or on View devices and printers.
  • You have to right-click on the shared printer and select Printer Properties.
  • Click on the Share box, select the Share this printer box and click  Apply.

If you are still facing issue with your HP Printer you can also call our toll free number on +1-877-364-5922.

123.hp.com/4520 setup

123 hp com 4520 setup| HP envy (123.hp.com/setup 4520 )

Before you can start printing from your new hp envy 4520 printer you have to first complete the 123.hp.com/setup 4520.

It requires you to first complete the primary 123 hp envy 4520 printer setup, then to install the drivers and then depending upon your choice, to connect the printer to the computer or laptop wirelessly or through USB.

123 hp envy new printer installation setup

There are certain steps you have to follow while you are first time attempting the 123.hp.com/setup 4520.

  • Remove the printer from the box carefully to not damage any physical part.
  • You will have the printer manual, drivers CD and other printer documents.
  • Start with the power cable, connect it to the power socket on the 123.hp.com/4520 Printer and the power supply.
  • Next, setup the ink cartridge. Pull up the cabinet to access the ink cartridge slot.
  • Remove the ink cartridge from the package and insert it in the slot.
  • The printer will automatically start the alignment process.
  • Now put papers in the paper input tray.
  • This will complete the primary hp envy 4520 printer setup.
  • Move to the driver installation for the proper functioning of your 123 hp envy 4520 printer.

123 hp envy driver installation instruction

Once the primary setup of envy 4520 Printer is complete you should install the drivers on your computer for the smooth functioning of the printer.

  • Open the hp support page on your browser by entering the 123.hp.com/setup 4520 URL.
  • Here on the support page, you may be prompted to enter the model number of your Hp printer.
  • After entering the model number, the latest drivers for your hp envy 4520 printers will be displayed.
  • Download the file.
  • When the download is complete run the file to install the drivers.
  • When the installation is complete click on the finish button.

Download the hp envy drivers for mac

If you are connecting your 123 hp envy 4520 on a device with MAC OS then you have to download printer drivers compatible with MAC.

  • Go to the support page as mentioned above, enter the model number.
  • Choose the operating system for which you want to download the drivers, in this case, MAC operating system.
  • After the download, install the file.

Connect the 123 hp envy 4520 to your computer system

Once you have the primary setup complete and the driver installed, now you have to connect the printer to the laptop or computer to start printing.

Wireless setup guide for 123 hp envy 4520(123.hp.com/4520 setup )

If you want to wirelessly connect the 123.hp.com/4520 printer to your computer first make sure that you have a router or access point equipped with the WPS feature.

  • Power on the envy 4520 printer.
  • Now power on the WPS feature on both your printer as well as on your router.
  • let the printer search for the available network.
  • When it finds your wireless network, connect to it.

Connect your 123 hp envy 4520 via USB

 This is the simplest and basic way to connect your printer to the computer.

  • You will need the USB cable that comes with the printer itself.
  • Place your printer near the computer or laptop you want to connect to.
  • Insert the USB cable in the USB port of your computer and the printer.
  • Power on the envy 4520 printer and wait for some time for the USB driver to automatically install on the system
  • Now the printer is ready.

123.hp.com/setup 4520 for mobile printing

Mobile printing is to connect the printer directly to the mobile device via the wireless network.

It comes in very handy when you want to print some documents from your mobile device. You just connect your device to the printer and get the printouts.

Connect 123  hp envy 4520 to android device.

For the 123.hp.com/4520 setup for android device, go to google play store and install the Hp print service plugin.

  • Go the settings and enable the plugin by setting it to on status.
  • Make sure your mobile device and the printer are connected to the same network.
  • Start printing.

Connect the 123 hp envy 4520 to iPhone

  • Connect your printer to your iPhone’s wireless network.
  • Select the document or photo you want to print.
  • Click on the print button.

These are all the steps required to successfully complete the 123.hp.com/setup 4520 and start printing.If you are still facing problems with your printer call our toll free number 1-833-283-0002.

Apple customer support number

Apple customer support number|Call 1-833-283-0002

Apple Inc. is a multinational computer and IT company with a wide range of products ranging from desktop and laptops to mobile devices. When such errors happen, Apple customer support number is at the rescue. Whatever may be the technical glitch, you will find the apple customer support number up to the job, with complete customer satisfaction.

The user loves its products, and Apple has a very loyal customer base of millions.

What gives Apple such popularity is its innovative technological approach and aesthetically minimalistic design approach for its products, that too, with all the latest features.

But what if users encounter some errors or issues while using Apple products?

Even a  brand as reputable as Apple is not free from technical issues.

Call Apple customer support  phone number for various issues on Apple devices

Apple customer support number addresses various issues encountered on different apple devices and promptly offer solutions.

  • Apple support for general settings, diagnostics, and bug fixes simple to use on Mac.
  • Apple support for new user training “getting started with  Mac” or other apple devices.
  • Apple support to configure, update and optimize the general settings of the  Mac and other Apple devices.
  • Apple support for deleting obsolete files and applications under users guidelines.
  • Apple support for general settings in iCloud, iTunes, iCal, Contacts, and iPhoto.
  • Apple support for configuration of POP and IMAP email accounts and setting in Mail or Outlook.
  • Apple support for configurations and settings of your local peripherals such as printers and Scanners.
  • Apple support for general sync and backup settings for your Macs, iPhones, iPods, safari browser and iPads.
  • Apple support for configurations and settings of your network devices.
  • Apple support for specific configurations of your modems and routers VPN, NAT rules, for remote access to your client and server workstations, change of IP addresses.
  •  Mac OS X Server and Web configurations:
    Configuration and administration of your servers running MacOs X Server.
  • Support for the creation of your names, under domain names, and email boxes with your hosts and Registrars.

Why to opt for apple customer support number

At times users face such technical issues that they have no idea how to resolve.

Apple customer support number

Such errors can also happen at times when prompt action is needed. In such situations, expert help is required. Apple customer support number connects you to highly trained technical experts. Whatever technical glitches you may be facing, these Apple technical experts know how to resolve the issue correctly.

Apple customer support through live chat support

You may also get help through apple live chat. It’s not as a speedy process as the Apple customer support number, but the user may get the necessary support.

To get help through apple live chat, follow the below steps

  • Go to the official website of apple.
  • On the website, go to support.
  • Click on the contact support and then choose to talk to us.
  • Now you have to choose the apple product you are having the error with.
  • When asked for the issue, type in detail, the error you are facing, if there is any code associated with the error mention it.
  • You may be asked to enter the serial number of your Apple product.

Common issues with Apple products and their troubleshooting steps

MacBook startup issues

If you are facing the MacBook startup issue, follow the below steps:

  • Try booting in the safe mode.
  • When in safe mode, run the directory repair process or diagnostic tools.
  • Or try startup repair to fix the issue.

Unresponsive app issues

If there is any unresponsive app issue you are facing on your Apple device, try the following troubleshooting steps:

  • Try force quitting the app through the force quit menu.
  • You can enter the menu via the command option escape through the apple icon in the upper left corner of the screen.
  • When in the menu, choose the app and press force quit.

Spinning beach ball on your screen

 If you see a spinning ball on your device screen, it means that something is slowing down your Apple device.

  • Open activity monitor and see which app is utilizing the most resource.
  • Try quitting the app that you see is using a large chunk of memory and computing power.
  • Try force quit the app if not responding.

MacBook Pro not connecting to a WiFi network

Sometimes it happens that Mac Book Pro does not detect WiFi networks or fail to connect to the WiFi network.

One of the best quick-fix for this problem is to choose to forget the network option and then try to search the network again and connect to it.

HP printer support number

Hp printer tech support number 1-855-914-2288

Call the Hp printer tech support number and get experts to resolve issues that are causing your hp printer not doing its job correctly.

Printers are an essential piece of hardware for both the office environment and personal use.

Hp is often the first choice whenever someone needs a new printer. And why not, hp offers the best hardware, latest feature and excellent support.

But even with all these fantastic features, hp printers often have technical glitches and errors.

Users usually have no idea what’s the reason behind these technical errors.

It could be due to a lack of technical expertise; therefore, it is highly recommended to get help from the Hp printer tech support number.

Hp printer  support through tech support phone number

Technical glitches are unavoidable with printers. There are a lot of printer issues that require proper troubleshooting steps.

It’s better to let experts handle these technical issues. This way, you will not only save time, but the problem will also be resolved entirely.

Hp printer tech support number is a service that connects users to Hp printer tech experts. These expert specializes in all the technical aspects of the Hp printer and can promptly solve any error faced by users.

Excellent features of Hp printers

  •     Quick printing with print letter-sized paper at 19 ppm and A4 paper at 18 ppm which increase the document printing speed
  •      Hp printer supports Integrated duplex printing. The duplex unit is integrated into the paper insertion slot.
  •    Excellent print quality with resolution Enhancement (REt) technology achieving actual resolution of 1200 x 1200 dots per inch fortext and graphics.
  •      Adjustable settings to optimize print quality.
  •      HP UltraPrecise cartridge ink quality helps print text and graphics with better definition and quality.
  •    Easy handling of paper with an adjustable tray for letterhead, envelopes, labels, transparencies, custom size print media, postcards, and heavy paper.
  •      Hp printer support PCL 6 printer language which  providespowerful printing, integratedIntellifont and TrueType character sizing techniques and advanced imaging features.
  •      Automatic language switching which let the printer automatically determines the appropriate language for use in printing.
  •  The  Hp printer supports wireless printing from many supported devices, such as
    laptops, cameras, cell phones, or
    personal digital assistants.
  •   Enhanced memory with the option to expand memory. Memory can be expanded with available memory slots (DIMMs).
  •   Hp printers come with MEt (Memory Enhancement) technology.This technology automatically compresses data and virtually doubles the printer’s available memory for more complex prints.

Users do need to understand that the features may vary depending upon the model of the Hp printer. Hp offers a range of printers with slightly different features depending upon the intended use. If you have just bought a new Hp printer or you plan to buy one soon, you can call the Hp printer tech support number to have an expert explain to you all the features.

Errors with hp printer that you can get assistance from Hp printer tech support number

Users can encounter several issues while using Hp printers. Here we have detailed some common issues that user call the Hp support team for help;

  •       Hp printer paper jam issue, which no doubt is quite frustrating.
  •       Unable to connect to mobile devices.
  •       Unable to connect with Apple devices.
  •     Unable to reset a Hp printer.
  •       Unable to install Hp printer drivers.
  •       Hp printer connection error in windows.
  •       Unable to set up a network printer on a Wireless network.
  •       Hp printer installation error.
  •       Hp printer errors due to window’s upgrade.
  •       Unable to set ink toner correctly.
  •       Hp printer not printing a specific color, or dispensing black color.
  •       Low ink message despite full ink toner or cartridges.
  •      Disabled print spooler services.
  •      Unable to cancel print jobs.
  •       Unable to upgrade printer’s drivers.
  •       Error due to unclean print heads.
  •       Slow printing speed.

Some simple troubleshooting steps for Hp printers

  •       Before installing the Hp printer, check all the cables for any fault or damage.
  •       Use quality papers and of the right size to avoid paper jams.
  •       If you are connecting printer through a Wireless network, make sure your computer and the printer are on the same network.
  •       Make sure you have installed the printer drivers on your computer.
  •       Regularly check for ink level, to avoid low ink error.

Why choose hp printer tech support

  •       The most crucial benefit of choosing hp support service is no wastage of time.
  •       Instead of wasting time manually solving the errors, calling the Hp tech support number gets you instant help.
  •       Hp support service is not time-bound, so you can call the moment you encounter any error with your hp printer.
  • Expert assistance means a complete solution to all the Hp printer issues.
  •       Ensure complete user satisfaction with quality assistance.