The first step is to sign in to your Bitdefender Central account. In case you don’t have an account already, then you need to sign up for one, first.


-Open the official website of Bitdefender for creating a new account. Type the web URL: in the address bar at the top accurately.

-Find the option “create one” and click on it in the SIGN IN window, which will then open the Account Creation window.

-Now you need to fill in all the necessary details like name, email address and the password that you wish to associate with the account and then also remember to carefully read the ‘terms of use’ link.

-You will then see an option of ‘I agree with the terms of use’. Click on that checkbox once you agree to all the terms that are set out in the agreement. This will ensure that you are well aware of all the policies which have been written in the link.

-Then select the tab that says ‘create account’ to create your new account successfully for Bitdefender login. You will now find this tab at the bottom of your window. Then you need to verify the verification mail as your next step.

-In the end, you will receive an email from Bitdefender to confirm your account. You are then required to open this mail and select the ‘verify now’ button.

  •    Again visit the Bitdefender’s official website by using the web URL.This will then open up the Bitdefender login window on your screen.
  • Here, you are supposed to type in your email address that is connected to your Bitdefender account. It is also important to ensure that the email address that you have typed in, includes all the characters in small case letters without any unwanted spaces. Now click on the ‘next button’ here.
  • Enter the password that you accessed during the creation of account, in the given text field correctly.
  • Now, select the sign-in button which is located at the bottom of the page and you will be logged in successfully to your Bitdefender account later. You will now be able to keep a track record of all your daily activities on Bitdefender account.

2.Now let’s come back to the installation process. 

Before the installation of Bitdefender, it is important to ensure that the user has a Bitdefender antivirus Plus, Bitdefender Internet Security, or Bitdefender Total security subscription in their Central account so that the product which the user installs can retrieve it’s validity from their account. 


3.You will now see a new window pop-up on your screen. Here, click on SECURITY and then click on THIS DEVICE for installation of Bitdefender on your current system.

-For installation of Bitdefender on another device, click on Other devices and then select either ‘email link’ for sending a download link through email or ‘copy link’ for sharing the link in a direct message.

4.You can then run the installer once the downloading gets completed. 

5.The setup wizard appears after the installation package is updated. Downloading the installation files can be time taking, especially when the Internet connection is slower.

6.Now select the language that you want to install the product in.

7.Select INSTALL for confirming your preferences and beginning your installation. Now, wait until the installation gets completed.

8.Click on START DEVICE ASSESSMENT for initiating a scan of critical system areas. Once the scan is completed, select OPEN BITDEFENDER INTERFACE. You can SKIP the scan if you don’t want to perform it.

9.You will find the details about your active subscription in the Getting started window. Select FINISH for accessing the Bitdefender interface. Your Bitdefender product will then be INSTALLED and ACTIVATED.