HP Deskjet 3630 to WIFI

How do I connect my HP Deskjet 3630 to WIFI?

HP Deskjet 3630 Printer:

HP Deskjet 3630 printer is mostly used HP printer models for printing purpose. The HP Deskjet 3630 has top-level printing features and give you access to explore other printing options. It has a lot of features such as you can easily connect with USB, amazing Wi-Fi compatibility, excellent printing options and many more. You can connect the HP Deskjet 3630 printer to a wireless connection using some simple steps that are given below. You can easily connect your HP printer with any android, windows, Mac and other devices. 

HP Deskjet 3630 printer User Guide:

  • The first step is to check that you have a good internet connection. 
  • You should know all the related details about the name of the network, hostname, etc. So that you can easily make changes in the network configuration of your HP Deskjet 3630 printer. 
  • To do the above changes, you have to push the wireless button located on your HP Deskjet 3630 printer and then select the start copy button. 
  • The above-mentioned steps will assist you in setup the wireless connection. 

Steps to download the HP printer’s driver:

  •  In the web browser and type the main site of HP printers. 
  • Now, choose the printer’s driver and software. 
  • In the next step, mention the model name of the printer and then hit the “enter” option. 
  • The next page will be display on the system screen. Choose the newest version of the printer’s driver and download it to your device. 
  • Go to the download option mention below on your screen. 
  • After clicking the download option, wait until it’s get downloaded. 

Procedure to set up a wireless connection for HP Deskjet 3630 printer:

The HP Deskjet 3630 printer is a well-known HP printer used for printing purpose. However, many HP printer users may face some issues. To avoid such kind of issues go through the below-mentioned steps:

  • Push the wireless button located on your HP Deskjet 3630 printer and hold it until the light blinks. 
  • Now, push the WPS button on your router and wait for few minutes until the light stops flickering. 
  • Now, take the printout of the network configuration. 
  • After completing above steps, locate the IP address. 
  • Now, you are ready to set up the wireless connection for your HP Deskjet 3630 printer without the USB connection. 

For Windows:

  • Navigate “Control Panel” and then “Device & Printer”
  • Choose your HP printer. 
  • In the network section, select wireless printer or Bluetooth printer. 
  • After that select your HP printer from the printer window. 
  • Now, you can install the printer’s driver. 

Completing all the above-mentioned steps you can easily connect your HP Deskjet 3630 printer to your Wi-Fi. 

123 Hp com dj3630

123.hp.com/dj3630 printer setup and installation Guide

A new 123.hp.com/dj3630 printer needs a proper setup before it can execute a print command. There are multiple ways to connect the hp printer to your computer. You can opt for the wired USB connection or the wireless connection. But before you connect your printer, you first have to install the Hp 3630 printer driver and software on your computer. So you see its quite a bit of work to set up a printer, that’s why we have compiled this post with step by step instructions for the 123 hp 3630 printer setup. Just follow and execute them in the same order as mentioned and by the time you will reach the end of this post your printer will be properly configured, connected and ready to print.

Initial setup for 123.hp.com/dj3630 printer

  • Remove the hp 3630 from the box; remove all the safety tape from the printer and discard it. Place the Hp printer near the computer and ensure that, it’s on a flat surface.
  • Connect the power cable to the back of the Hp DeskJet 3630 printer and the other end of it to the power supply.
  • Turn on the printer by pressing the power button. Wait for the power button to stop flashing and be stable and then continue with the installation.
  • The printer will create some noise, don’t worry. It’s the printer’s hardware adjusting and setting up.
  • Now it’s time to insert the ink cartridges in their respective place.
  • Remove the ink cartridges that are included with the printer from the box. Carefully pull the tape off the back of the ink cartridges as well as from the contact point.
  • Open the cabinet of the Hp all in one inkjet 3630, the cartridge holder automatically moves to the center of the unit for cartridge installation.
  • Insert the ink cartridges into the appropriate slots and push firmly into place.
  • When the ink cartridge fits into place, close the printer cover.
  •  The printer will detect the newly installed ink cartridges. The power button may flash for some time. Wait for it to stop flashing before continuing.

Install the drivers for the 123.hp.com/dj3630

  • Insert the hp 3630 installation CD into your computer’s CD drive. The installer starts automatically. Follow the instructions on the screen to start installing the DeskJet drivers.
  • When the printer’s software prompt to connect the printer, connect the supplied USB cable to the rear of the printer and insert the opposite end of the USB cable to your computer’s USB port. Allow the computer to detect and connect the printer.
  • If you don’t have the installation CD, first disconnect the USB cable from the printer and then open the URL 123.hp.com/setup 3630 in your browser.
  • Download the Hp printer’s drivers. When the download finishes run the installer and follow the instructions to install the drivers.
  • Now connect the USB cable. After the successful connection, your printer will be ready to print.

123 hp 3630 DeskJet printer setup for wireless connection

Hp printer wireless connection frees you from the necessity of placing the printer close to your computer and frees up your working space.

It also gives you the option to connect the printer with different devices. Hp offers a few methods to connect a wireless printer.

These methods depend first on the printer’s model and then on your choice of how you want your printer to connect over a wireless network.

We have described the WPS method, as it’s supported by most of the available Hp printer models and is the least complicated one.

WPS setup for hp DeskJet 3630

WPS, an acronym for “Wi-Fi Protected Setup”, is a standard connection method for wireless devices with the router or access point, which allows the printer’s connection to be simple and fast.

  • Before you use this method, make sure that your router must be equipped with the appropriate WPS button, a button that the device will most likely have if it is of the latest model.
  • Secondly, the network must be set up according to the WPA or WPA2 security protocol. If the protocol selected for the password was WEP, connecting the printer to the router would not be possible.
  • After you have ensured that your router meets all the requirements proceed for the WPS connection.
  • Once the printer is turned on, press and hold the Wi-Fi button on the printer for a few seconds until the ON LED starts flashing.
  • Now on you have about two minutes to press the WPS button on your router which will enable the WPS feature.
  • Your printer is now ready for the wireless connection. It will search the network and connect to it.
  • After the connection is complete, the Wi-Fi LED will stop flashing and will become stable.
  • The only thing left is to try to launch a printout to verify that the connection has been successful

123 Hp 3630 setup for android device

Anyone who has an Android mobile device since version 4.4 only needs to download the HP Print Service plug-in

  • Just download the Hp Print service plug-in from Google Play and install it on your android device to be able to take full advantage of it.
  • After connecting the phone on the same Wi-Fi network as the printer, you need to open the photo or document you intend to print.
  • Click on the print option and then select the HP printer to connect to and press the Update button.
  • You will have your photos or documents printed in no time.

123 Hp com dj3630 setup for iPhone

Those who intend to print anything from a device belonging to the Apple brand on an HP printer(123 Hp com dj3630) can do it very easily thanks to the presence of the AirPrint service.

  • If you own an iPhone or an iPad you must first connect the printer to the same Wi-Fi network as that of your phone.
  • Then you just need to open the document to be printed and press on the Share button.
  • At this point, you need to go to the icon relating to printing, select the printer and tap on the print option to carry out the printing operation.

If You are still facing issue related 123.hp.com/dj3630 drivres and installation call our toll free helpline number 1-877-364-5922.

123 hp com dj3630 install

How to setup your 123 hp com dj3630 install | Complete guide

Remove your HP dj3630 PRINTER from its box

Take out the HP Desk jet PRINTER(123 hp com dj3630 install) from its box, and then take off all the tape, stickers, and packing supplies from the HP printer.

  • Take the printer out from its box
  • Take off all the tape and packaging around the printer, and then open the outer printer door
  • Take off the tape and packaging found under the ink cartridge access door
  • Once you open the ink cartridge access door, take off the tape and cardboard box found inside the printer but DO NOT discard the cardboard box
  • Take the cardboard box and open it and remove all the contents which should include: the ink cartridges, the power cord and the USB cable
    • Contents inside may vary depending on country/region
  • Take the provided power cord and connect it to the back end of your HP dj3630 PRINTER and then plug the other end of the cord to a power outlet
  • Turn on your HP dj3630 PRINTER by pressing the POWER button

Install the ink cartridges provided in your HP dj3630 PRINTER

Install the HP dj3630 PRINTER ink cartridges which should be provided in the box with your printer

  • Once you open the ink cartridge access door, your HP PRINTER will complete the startup process which will move the carriage top the middle of the printer
    • Before you continue, wait for the printer to become idle and silent
  • Now you may carefully remove one of the ink cartridges from its package and touch ONLY the black plastic on the cartridge
  • Pull off the orange tab to take off the protective tape from the cartridge
  • Slide the ink cartridge holding it at a small upward angle into the empty corresponding slot, and then carefully push up against the ink cartridge until you hear it snap into place
    • The tri-color ink cartridge should be inserted into the left slot
    • The black ink cartridge should be inserted into the right slot.
  • Repeat the same installation steps for the other ink cartridges
  • Shut the ink cartridge access door
  • Shut the exterior door to you HP Printer

Insert standard printer paper into the corresponding input tray

Load standard printer paper in the input tray after the printer has been unpacked from its box.

  • Lift the input tray
  • Slide the paper width guide all the way to the left
  • Insert your standard printer paper into the input tray, and then carefullypushyour stack of printer paper down until it stops
  • Slide the paper width guide to the right so that it stops at the end of the printer paper
  • Take out the output tray, and then lift the tray extender

Install the right printer software/DRIVER for your HP dj3630 PRINTER

Now that your HP dj3630 PRINTER hardware is all set up, you can install the printer’s software. You must install the proper driver for your HP PRINTER in order to ensure efficiency and smooth running. The compatible driver will depend on the type of operating system your computer uses.

In the meantime, do not connect your printer to a computer until the printer software instructs you to do so

Download the latest version of the printing software from the following HP websites:

Follow the easy setup instructions for driver installation by answering the system prompts and then make sure to click the finish button once the setup completes. The HP printer assistant will install automatically for printing and scanning.

If you are still facing problem while installing driver of your 123 hp com dj3630 install, please call our toll-free number at 1-877-364-5922 for any HP Printer related issues and help.