For 123 HP COM SETUP 6978 take the printer out of the box and set all the parts properly. Now, need to get all the cords and connect them on the respective places and the power cord to the wall socket properly for a strong connection. Once, all the cord connect properly we need to press the power ON button once to turn the printer ON.

How to do the complete setup of the printer( 123 HP COM SETUP 6978 )?

  • Printer should be properly connected to the wall socket then we need to turn on the power button on the printer.
  • In the beginning it might make some noise as it is setting up for the first time.
  • Once it turn On, the home screen we will get some option like choose the language and then we need to select the language on which we are comfortable and then we need to select the country and region.
  • After these steps it going to ask to insert the ink cartridges so we need to use the cutout button which are on the sides of the printer and lift the panel up.
  • After this we need to take the ink cartridges and remove the orange tape on them and slide the ink cartridges place and insert tri-color and black n white ink cartridges on by one on there respective places.
  • Therefore, we need to close the panel properly down and lock it down and after this need to hit OK in the Control Panel screen.
  • Once this process complete we need to pull the paper tray to the level and set it and then need to put the stack of papers properly on paper tray. Printer is now ready to print the alignment pages. Once the alignment printing done then we need to put them on the scanner glass and scanned them.
  • When that complete we will get “Alignment Successful” message on the control panel.
  • After this now user need to connect the printer to the computer with Ethernet or USB or Wireless connection.
  • Once all those basic steps get done, install the software of the printer with the help of the disk (printer driver CD) or from the website support.hp.com and need to follow the steps on them to complete the printer driver installation completely.
  • User can also download the printer drivers from the website link 123.hp.com/ojpro6978 or 123.hp.com/setup 6978.

123 HP COM SETUP 6978 | How to print from Mobile device?

For 123 HP COM SETUP 6978 on the iOS or Android device by using and of the built-in software any user can print photos, emails, documents or any online webpage or file.

  • User should be ensure about the wireless is turned ON and 123 HP Office jet Pro 6978 is properly mapped to the wireless network before starting and print job.
  • Both the devices, 123.hp.com/ojpro6978 printer and mobile device should be connected to the same wireless network.
  • User need to go to the App Store and download anyone compatible printing application for the mobile device.
  • If we want to printer from IPhone we need to be make sure that the printer should be Air Print enabled.
  • Once the app download successfully then we need to open that and we need to find the printer on the search list and need to select it.
  • After this we need to open the file, photo, documents, email or any web page which we want to print and then we need to select the share icon or need to touch on Menu and need to touch the Print option.
  • After this it will redirect us to the printer option and from there we need to select the printer which we want to use.
  • From the printing menu we can do the setting changes like we can specify the no. of copies and the format of printing.

If You are still facing issue with 123 HP COM SETUP 6978 You can also call our toll free number +1-833-283-0002 for any printer related  query


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